Chinese TV shows being lapped up by Vietnamese youngsters

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2017-07-29 07:14:46

Chinese TV shows being lapped up by Vietnamese youngsters

[Photo provided to China Daily]

On the campus of the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, a small group of youngsters were engrossed in discussion with a laptop screen in front of them showing a paused scene of the Chinese variety show Running Man.

Hoang Cam Tu, 21, together with her friends from the university's Chinese Studying Club, has been drafting a plan for the university's festival in September.

As fans of Chinese TV shows such as Running Man, Crime Scene and Happy Camp, they are planning to choose some funny and energetic games from the shows to present at the festival.

For many Vietnamese youngsters, Chinese TV shows have gradually become an important part of their entertainment diet.

With an understanding of the importance of Chinese films and TV shows, Tu says that it's also the presence of well-known movie and television stars that helps lure a large number of international viewers to the shows.

"We can see how celebrities behave in real-life situations. They are far more connected to the audience when they are not following scripts," she says.

A few days ago, hundreds of local fans gathered in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City to welcome the film crew and cast members of China's Amazing Race. The team received uninterrupted attention from Vietnamese media and netizens during their five-day trip filming in the country.

"Shows can present the true identities of celebrities. Thanks to this, we can get to know more about our idols and feel more connected to them," Tu explains.

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