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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

An uncomfortable new Journey to the West

[2014-07-25 16:15]

News of a US adaptation of a beloved Chinese fantasy tale is unsettling many people in China. But it is a positive sign of Chinese culture being accepted by a growing populace around the world.

No place for farce in charity

[2014-07-19 08:53]

A person kneeling for a donation may fetch press coverage, but for those in dire need, this tactic should be replaced by a proper safety net from the government, insurance companies and formal charities.

Modern take on adultery and morality

[2014-07-12 06:54]

A spate of recent announcements from the ongoing relentless campaign against corruption has caught my attention for a subtle change in language.

Leading lady a true legend

[2014-07-10 08:05]

Spanning two continents and more than half a century, Lisa Lu's career is the legacy of an icon. In A Dream Like a Dream at the end of 2014, she will bring to the stage a lifetime of savoir faire.

The uncomfortable side of tradition

[2014-07-05 10:59]

Clothes make the man and preserve tradition as well.

Savior or showman, saint or sinner?

[2014-06-28 06:51]

A Chinese billionaire's approach to charity has raised eyebrows in the US, and his latest plan made headlines when he was accused of publicity stunt that left him more of a showman than a philanthropist.

Matter of honor and duty to care

[2014-06-21 07:18]

The conspicuous absence of any mention of a nominated film at a news conference for the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival made headlines across the nation.

Bon appetite

[2014-06-14 08:46]

A hugely popular TV documentary series puts the spotlight on a culinary tradition that should make China proud.

Doing the right thing

[2014-06-07 12:20]

The silence from bystanders was deafening when all you could hear from videos of the Zhaoyuan beating was a woman's screams.

Co-productions are no guarantee

[2014-06-05 09:54]

When two countries work together in an attempt to create a cinematic masterpiece, the results can be brilliant, but more often than not, fail to appeal to audiences.

The Chinese art of mythmaking

[2014-05-29 10:36]

The Harvard in the Chinese imagination is not the Harvard by the Charles River in Boston. It is a myth shrouded in layers of cultural misperception.

Language should be a matter of choice

[2014-05-24 09:09]

Making every college student pass a uniform test of English has created an unexpected fallout, which a new testing system under consideration may rectify.

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