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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Why is China angry?

[2009-04-24 07:50]

China is not happy.

Tibet, warts and all

[2009-04-15 08:04]

In the world of Alai, a Tibetan village in the throes of a 50-year tumultuous transformation is a microcosm of rural China at large.

Should literature be linked to the topical?

[2009-04-15 08:04]

Where is Chinese literature going? What is its relevancy to our lives?

It's only make-believe

[2009-04-03 10:24]

Should a pretty boy with star quality from the sports and entertainment business impersonate an enshrined figure with layers of political connotations?

Storm in a fishbowl

[2009-03-27 10:14]

In 2008, Ma Wei started to teach a new course at Wuhan Polytechnic University. It was called "Architecture and Feng Shui".

Behind closed doors

[2009-03-20 07:55]

There is a college town in suburban Nanjing, called Xianlin. Like most college towns across the nation, residents rent out apartments to students who want to get away from their dorm lives and enjoy some privacy.


[2009-03-18 07:53]

China is galloping toward the future with breakneck speed, yet novelists of the English language seem to be mired in the past.

A mirror has two faces

[2009-03-06 07:55]

A week ago, Cecilia Cheung gave a television interview in Hong Kong. It was her first public appearance since the sex photo disgrace more than a year ago.

Slumdog wags its tale

[2009-02-23 18:09]

Slumdog Millionaire is many things: It is a multiple award winner, having garnered five Critics' Choice Awards,

Muscles alone have never won over Chinese women

[2009-02-25 08:11]

Male beauty has always been a less popular subject because in a male-dominated society men determine who gets to be coveted and ogled. And that's women.

As good times fade, 'good guys' are a good catch

[2009-02-26 07:41]

The latest trend shows that the "golden guy" is out and the "moderate guy" is in. Paraphrasing "low-income housing", this category of the male species is humorously called "economically fit", which is a euphemism for low income, or rather, lower income.

Going totally crackers

[2009-02-13 07:53]

When Zhang Yimou conceived the opening gala for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he intended that fireworks would show off one of the "four great inventions of ancient China".

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