Opinion / Raymond Zhou

Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Taking pride in our accents

[2005-11-19 06:51]

There is a tug of war for the stature of dialects in China.

Vistas of thoughts

[2005-11-12 06:47]

There is a piece of news that may even puzzle Dan Brown.

Moving lessons on life, politics and 'porcelain'

[2005-11-05 06:22]

Those of you who drive your cars or take public transport in Beijing don't know what you're missing. You're missing one of the city's top 10 attractions and an intangible cultural heritage that costs little.

The role of entertainers

[2005-10-29 06:36]

The dumbing down of China is on an inexorable course.

Telling truth

[2005-10-22 06:23]

With the passing of Ba Jin, it's time to look into the legacy of this towering figure in Literary China.

Setting record straight

[2005-10-15 06:57]

A month and a half ago, I wrote a piece of news analysis on the Super Girls phenomenon. It was carried on the weekend edition of China Daily the day after the grand finale of the wildly popular vocal contest.

Arts events for holidays

[2005-10-01 06:11]

I once flew over a sprawling metropolis in the American South on the night of July 4. Small pockets of fireworks sparkled below, many of which I knew were illegal.

Zhao Yan beating case

[2005-09-23 11:19]

A Chinese tourist was looking around the Niagara Falls near the US-Canadian border, and she was severely beaten by a US security officer.

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