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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

The 'rats' just keep nibbling

[2007-05-24 06:54]

It may be the most powerfully suggestive detail of a toothpaste commercial: After trumpeting all the benefits of a brand, the advert closes with the stamp of approval from an authoritative organization called Ya Fang Zu, the Chinese acronym for the National Tooth Health Protection Group.

Ad slogans a matter of taste

[2007-05-19 17:08]

In a recent discussion on the supervision of outdoor advertising, Beijing Mayor Wang Qishan remarked that the repeated use of certain words on real estate billboards has marred the image of the capital city.

All forms of labor deserve reverence

[2007-05-12 05:50]

A week ago, some 30 college students from Southwest University of Political Science & Law spent a Golden Week day doing something they would never want to do unless it was part of a school project.

All lives are equally precious

[2007-04-28 07:06]

On April 23, a speeding bus plunged 13 meters off the ramp of a bridge in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, killing 26 of its 32 passengers.

A nation can't be tarred by one killer

[2007-04-19 07:10]

The shooting rampage at Virginia Tech on Monday shocked the world. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and the community that suffered this senseless tragedy. Anyone with even a modicum of human compassion would feel the same.

Posthumous fame attracts followers

[2007-04-14 06:50]

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Wang Xiaobo.

Think big, be delusional

[2007-04-07 07:31]

The hullabaloo about the 21-kilometer cement dragon in Central China's Henan mostly centers on its legality: Did it go through proper procedures before its construction?

Don't believe everything you are told

[2007-04-02 10:23]

Recently, not a week has gone by without the national television station uncovering another case of advertising fraud: Two weeks ago, it was some kind of tea that claimed to be a secret Tibetan concoction with weight-loss potency.

Tunnel gives partial vision

[2007-03-24 11:06]

China is a hot topic. Anyone who can predict its future is worth a million bucks. And James Mann is probably worth much more if his new book China Fantasy makes a difference to your decision-making.

A clear case of racist lunacy

[2007-03-17 06:32]

There is a furor in the Asian-American community. It was caused by an article entitled "Why I Hate Black People" by Kenneth Eng, which was published last month in the San Francisco-based newspaper AsianWeek.

Made-in-China comedy hard to sell in US

[2007-03-10 07:58]

Zhao Benshan is coming to town not any town, but the big cities of the United States.

Is there Pu'er power in a name?

[2007-03-03 07:35]

What's in a name?

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