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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Reader beware ...

[2009-12-25 07:17]

While the Internet is a valuable platform for news and views, it is also a tool for deceit and demagoguery...

Digital Robin Hoods?

[2009-12-18 07:40]

The clampdown on file-sharing websites has made life easier for some legal operators, but puts the street hawkers of DVDs back in business...

Original pirate material

[2009-12-11 09:04]

To move from 'Made in China' to 'Designed in China', the first thing the government should do is to stamp out 'Faked in China'.

My pen pal Han Han

[2009-12-04 08:11]

Hello, Han Han: You don't know me and I'm not exactly a fan of yours. So, don't throw this letter away as fan mail.

Saintly Sinner of Shaolin temple

[2009-11-27 11:17]

Shaolin Temple's website recently took on a new look.

Gastropod gastronomy

[2009-11-27 11:23]

Snails are a delicacy in French cuisine, known as escargots. Some similar snail species are eaten in China but few consider them to be haute cuisine.

Obama Drama

[2009-11-20 08:11]

A presidential visit is always taken so seriously in China that nothing is left to chance. But nobody could have scripted the most memorable moment of United States President Barack Obama's visit early this week. I'm sure the PR teams had thought of every scenario and the security personnel every contingency, but who'd have known?

No curveballs as expected questions hit out of the park

[2009-11-17 07:34]

Watching United States President Barack Obama's town-hall meeting with Chinese youth on was a unique experience. It was like reading a foreign play: I had to visualize how the US president interacted with his Shanghai audience, how he calibrated his mega-watt charm and whether many of the questioners were indeed as tongue-tied as the transcript seemed to suggest.

At different times, China and US both buoyant and refined

[2009-11-17 07:34]

The longer I lived in America, the more I felt its similarities to China.

1989 quake jolted sense of what makes US tick

[2009-11-16 07:43]

My first stop to the United States was San Francisco. It was Oct 17, 1986, exactly three years before the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Barefaced cheek

[2009-11-13 08:59]

Hu Huakai bolted out of a blue Ford sedan, wearing nothing but a white loincloth. He ran through a throng of students for about 50m and removed the cloth before dashing back, said "thank you" to the crowd and disappeared into the waiting car.

In defense of pajamas

[2009-11-06 08:41]

Shanghai is cracking down on its most tenacious fashion trend. In preparation for the 2010 World Expo, the municipal government has launched a campaign to eradicate running red lights and wearing pajamas in public.

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