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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

A hard look at heroes - and their heroics

[2014-05-17 06:49]

When acts of altruism are exaggerated, they become hollow. The shift from a tradition of melodrama to a growing need for truth and complexity reflects a move up the curve of civilization.

Escape from the vortex

[2014-05-10 10:06]

The Internet has indisputably changed the world, but not necessarily for the better for every member of our society.

Soft or tough, handle with care

[2014-04-26 09:51]

When it comes to talking to youngsters, there may not be one good way that fits every situation. Cheering on is good, brutal honesty may also be necessary, but humor is always a good solution.

The tangled web of cultural niceties

[2014-04-19 13:55]

A few years ago when I was traveling across the Pacific Ocean on a United Airlines flight, I was thrown into the perfect storm of cultural collisions.

Thumbs up for hands-on knowledge

[2014-04-12 07:20]

An official of the Ministry of Education recently disclosed that China's all-important college entrance examination is to be seperated into two, giving place to the training of highly skilled workers.

Why we love to catch a falling star

[2014-04-04 07:16]

There is a joke going around town that Malaysia is being salvaged by a Chinese star whose extramarital affair has finally taken the heat off the airline mystery.

Fake vs Frank opinion

[2014-03-29 07:35]

Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang is known for his uncompromising remarks as well as for his top-grossing movies.

The difficult art of letting go

[2014-03-22 07:41]

The way some Chinese parents shower love on their grown-up children can be smothering, but from an outsider's perspective it may look like a black comedy eliciting laughs and tears in equal measure.

Pervasive sense of inadequacy

[2014-03-15 08:06]

Chinese television series producers need to up the ante to ward off competition from South Korean soap operas.

Moderation trumps prejudice

[2014-03-08 08:42]

Amid the shock and anger arising from the Kunming terrorist attack comes a new voice of rationality, a grassroots effort to separate the terrorists from the masses who reside in Xinjiang.

The scourge of bombastic bloggers

[2014-03-01 10:20]

A few days ago, Wang Mudi, a television host in Guangdong province, accompanied his girlfriend to the hospital. The nurse did an extremely sloppy job putting her on a drip.

Cinema scams

[2014-02-26 08:47]

China's film industry may be on a spectacular takeoff, but not everyone in the game is patient enough to get his share legally.

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