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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Spotlight on real China is not offensive

[2006-05-20 06:18]

While a religious debate swirls around "The Da Vinci Code" as the movie premieres worldwide, another controversy surrounding another summer blockbuster has opened a can of worms in China, which may put in peril its fate in the market where the story is partly set.

Rocker's sad show a lesson to media hounds

[2006-05-13 06:57]

Would you be surprised by some erratic behaviour of a rock 'n' roll star?

Zeroing in on violator not a solution

[2006-04-29 07:12]

A highly educated young woman crossed a street in Shanghai where she was not supposed to and was stopped by the police. Several times she pushed back the cop who tried to slap her with a 50-yuan penalty for jaywalking.

Messages behind Gates' dinner

[2006-04-22 06:23]

I wonder if Bill Gates agonized over the dinner prepared at his residence for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Better teen body image with privacy

[2006-04-15 07:33]

High school graduates in China live in constant anxiety. They have to sit through the fate-determining entrance exam, the result of which could more or less shape their future earning power and social status. But before that happens, they have to go through physical check-ups that require, for a brief moment, total nakedness.

Money can buy service but never remembrance

[2006-04-08 07:20]

Wednesday was Qingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day, when people pay homage to their deceased family members.

Platitude overload depreciates language

[2006-04-01 06:24]

Language clarifies, but when used rigidly, it often conceals and confounds.

Sex appeal sells, but tastefulness still vital

[2006-03-25 07:12]

In China, sexual politics tends to play out in operatic overindulgence. Posturing and scenery-chewing are the norm. Subtlety is not something to be appreciated.

Money talks, so paying up is reasonable

[2006-03-18 07:11]

Li Yinhe is a person of controversy. The strange thing is that her proposal to legalize homosexual marriage has been eclipsed by her demand to charge a fee for press interviews.

In a world of perverts, there is still rationale

[2006-03-11 07:00]

"Cats" is now being played out in China.

Ang Lee: a pinch of Tao, a dash of Zen

[2006-03-04 07:41]

Hui Zi famously asked the ancient philosopher Zhuang Zi: "You are not a fish. How can you feel the joy of a fish?"

Adult humour has its place among mature

[2006-02-25 07:33]

Let's face it: The popularity of short messaging in China has a dirty little secret. It's called "adult humour," more plainly known as sex jokes.

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