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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Dylan win a surprise for many in China

[2016-10-15 06:50]

The news that Bob Dylan won this year's Nobel Prize in literature came as a surprise to many Chinese, who overwhelmingly showed sympathy for Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.

Encounter of a rare kind

[2016-10-13 08:13]

Hollywood great Steven Spielberg shares his behind-the-scenes stories and filmmaking insights with China Daily film writer Raymond Zhou in an interview in Beijing.

Spielberg offers tips for aspiring directors

[2016-10-13 08:02]

Editor's note: Raymond Zhou joined director Steven Spielberg onstage for an exclusive interview before an audience at a promotional event in Beijing for the film The BFG.

Encounter of a rare kind

[2016-10-13 07:00]

Steven Spielberg is often perceived as a symbol of Hollywood - both for those who love it and those who revile it.

Spielberg offers tips for aspiring directors

[2016-10-13 01:40]

Steven Spielberg, arguably Hollywood's best-known director, had many golden nuggets of advice for budding filmmakers during an appearance at Tsinghua University, encouraging them to take advantage of new technologies and make movies that truly speak to them.

The high drama of rafting the Upper Yangtze

[2016-10-10 07:52]

A 30-year-old true story that once gripped a whole nation and was then promptly forgotten has made an unexpected reappearance and I'm surprised to find that I played a small part in it.

Undeserving winners by any reasonable standards

[2016-09-29 07:00]

Acting awards are supposed to go to those who have demonstrated excellence in acting.

Using movies to forge bonds

[2016-09-29 07:00]

The five-day Silk Road International Film Festival wrapped up on Sept 23 in Shaanxi's provincial capital Xi'an.

Slaves to humor

[2016-09-12 07:34]

In 2010, Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin had a fallout. It took them six years to hang out the dirty laundry in public.

We should learn to differ respectfully

[2016-08-04 07:39]

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, when the winner of a beauty pageant fails to win approval from the public, I don't see anything abnormal about it. For one thing, the jury panel may not represent the broad tastes of the populace.

Box-office takings wilt in the heat of summer

[2016-08-01 08:08]

In the 27th week of this year-July 4 to 10-box office receipts rose by 12 percent before falling by 45 percent and 35 percent respectively in the next two weeks. But not every industry insider is singing the blues.

Toxic air found inside country's cinema business bubble

[2016-08-01 07:50]

There are many forces driving the hectic growth of China's film market and not all of them are encouraging. Subsidy and phantom tickets are two of the shady practices that have been blamed for inflating a bubble.

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