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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Netizen's arguments do not sit well with real life people

[2006-08-12 05:41]

Offering your bus seat (rang zuo) to someone in need seems to be the right thing to do regardless of geography, culture or economic status. A recent backlash proves that not everyone takes it as such.

Sexual politics no longer the same

[2006-08-07 06:28]

It's official: China has entered the age of the metrosexual.

Respect survivors' need for closure

[2006-07-29 06:09]

They don't want to talk about the earthquake any more.

Another monopoly in the making?

[2006-07-25 11:39]

For those of you who frequent the nation's karaoke bars and lounges, what you sing will soon come under the centralized supervision of one really Big Brother.

Sadly, there is an Ah Q in all of us

[2006-07-15 05:34]

A recent press report quoted a contractor by the name of Fang who had to bribe government officials for business opportunities.

New methods needed to tackle flyers

[2006-07-08 05:12]

Chinese graffiti differs from American graffiti in many ways. To start with, it does not pretend to have artistic aspirations.

Make English learning less agonizing

[2006-07-01 05:40]

A relative of mine was to graduate from college this summer. He was eyeing a job in international trade. But one day he asked me: "Why should a Chinese take time to learn a language that is not his own?"

No need to standardize a saint's look

[2006-06-24 05:08]

I can safely bet that, of the billions of people in the world today, nobody has seen Confucius in person.

Let's stop lynching by public opinion

[2006-06-17 06:00]

What is the difference between the masses and the mob?

Don't let Gaokao seal your fate

[2006-06-10 05:49]

The annual ordeal for high-school graduates, known as the national college entrance examination (gaokao), was played out on a grand scale this past week.

What's wrong with an office dress code?

[2006-06-03 05:46]

The Transport Bureau of eastern China's Zhejiang Province recently announced a set of codes for office-hour conduct:

Youth facing dilemma of role models

[2006-05-27 05:42]

China's youth is ripe for an underachiever as a role model, somebody like Bart Simpson.

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