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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Without a safety net, dead on the net

[2014-12-08 13:21]

The death of a teenager at his own hand, made known online as it was happening, raises questions about suicide prevention.

Stars shine with a different shimmer

[2014-11-29 06:42]

The appeal of foreign film deities in China is a mystery shrouded in cultural niceties and uncontrollable timing.

To grow bigger by belittling oneself

[2014-11-15 08:19]

When underachievers thrust themselves into the spotlight, their display of self-debasement sets off alarms in a go-getter culture.

Long-distance runner's sad lot: a bad air day

[2014-10-25 07:39]

A marathon run in thick smog highlights in ironic relief the plague of air pollution that is choking Chinese cities.

The difference between decency and trashing the joint

[2014-10-11 06:51]

Civility dictates that we change the old habit of improperly disposing of garbage in public places.

After that IPO, is Jack Ma heading for the silver screen?

[2014-09-26 21:46]

You've just had the biggest IPO in history. How do you follow up that kind of feat?

iPhone 6 spawns Chinese satire

[2014-09-17 07:11]

A wave of jokes are flooding Chinese cyberspace after the launch of the new Apple phone, poking fun at the eagerness to flaunt the latest badge of cool.

Actress stuck in nations' conflict

[2014-09-16 07:27]

Yoshiko Otaka, a popular singer and film actress when China was invaded by Japanese forces, died on Sept 7 at the age of 94.

Selfies and the art of staying within limits

[2014-08-30 10:37]

Security cameras in public spaces can help law enforcement officers in identifying criminals, but it gains an ironic twist when photos of wrongdoings are taken and made public by the criminals themselves.

Icy challenge is bringing the 'circus' to town

[2014-08-22 07:14]

What started as a charity campaign has evolved into a celebrity circus, with the IT industry beating showbiz at its own game, at least for now.

No standing in the way of 'progress'

[2014-08-16 08:33]

Earlier this month, 72 newsstands in Beijing's Chaoyang district were dismantled. There were reports of sporadic scuffles between proprietors and those sent by the local authority to enforce the new rule.

Education and the purpose of philanthropy

[2014-08-04 10:14]

Philanthropy is generally not a hotbed for controversy. But here in China you are watched closely if you hold your purse strings tight or let your money flow, and, in the latest case, the direction in which your money flows may also be a cause for concern.

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