Opinion / Raymond Zhou

Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Wisdom of the printed page

[2014-02-22 07:56]

On a flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai, an Indian engineer noticed row after row of Chinese passengers deep into their iPads, playing games or watching movies. None was doing any reading.

TV drama rattles notions about US politics

[2014-02-20 07:38]

Season 2 of House of Cards, which debuted simultaneously in China and its home country, is creating waves in the form of discussions about US politics, among other things.

'Chollywood' goes arty

[2014-02-19 08:53]

The re-emergence of Chinese films on festival circuits may point to parallel growth of art-house cinema along with the nation's booming film industry.

Beach brouhaha is only natural

[2014-02-15 11:36]

While the rest of China is shrouded in winter cold, the southern tip of Hainan Island is bathed in summer heat. That's why people from the bleak north flock to cities like Sanya.

The truth is out there somewhere

[2014-02-08 09:19]

A public debate on the safety of genetically modified food between two Chinese celebrities has turned into a drama set in three countries.

From the horse's mouth, literally

[2014-02-04 07:44]

The era when people depended on steeds for transportation or warfare has long gone, but the zodiac animal has left numerous genetic footprints on spoken Chinese.

Alone together

[2014-01-25 10:31]

The paradox of having instant communication tools and constant connectivity lies in its subversive function of inserting distances between those near and dear.

Shut up, potty-mouths

[2010-02-05 07:59]

Verbal violence permeates China's Internet and beyond. It is fuelled by rampant frustrations and a lack of tradition for rational discourse.

Mixed messages

[2010-01-22 07:53]

While screening minors from explicit sexual content is to be welcomed, sexting between consenting adults is a different matter and privacy laws should protect people's rights.

Just in jest

[2010-01-15 07:25]

A humorous column in the paper this week has caused ructions, begging the question: Why do foreigners always take us so seriously?

The fourth dimension

[2010-01-08 07:40]

There are layers of meanings to the best films, novels and plays, and we find our own points of significance in these works by cultural "re-imagining".

Monuments by diaspora finally get recognition

[2010-01-07 07:47]

They were part of China's diaspora, who made their money overseas, mostly in North America. They intended to come back home and spend their golden years in the villages they grew up. But wars and chaos prevented them from realizing this dream.

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