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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Don't judge December-May romances

[2006-02-11 06:32]

Come Valentine's Day, shop windows and magazine covers will display perfectly matched pairs happy in love. And one of the "perfections" is compatibility in age.

Festival gala as tasteless as chicken ribs

[2006-01-27 06:51]

Tomorrow night is the eve of Spring Festival the Lunar New Year when hundreds of millions of Chinese families sit around a table and take in the year-end feast and the heart-warming atmosphere of family reunion.

Names in stone mark workers' much-deserved appreciation

[2006-01-21 07:20]

In an act of powerful inspiration, a public library has carved on its wall the names of the construction workers who built it.

'Urban villages' reminders of uneven growth

[2006-01-14 05:32]

The term "urban village" connotes very different things in English as it does in Chinese.

Weather the spoilsport in picture-perfect setting

[2006-01-06 09:02]

One of the most eye-catching and photogenic sights that China offers international visitors is a picture of serene beauty and harmony between nature and man: Rows and rows of senior citizens do morning exercises in unison, moving at the majestic and leisurely pace of Tai Chi in a sun-drenched, beautifully landscaped public park. Looking at photos of them, one can almost touch the morning dew and hear birds chirping.

Cost of marriage: should husbands really bear the brunt of bliss?

[2006-01-07 07:14]

If you're a single male living in Beijing, you need to make a mental note of this figure: 1,068,000.

Why 'Desperate Housewives' flopped in China

[2005-12-31 07:09]

'Desperate Housewives' has bombed in China.

Christmas in the Chinese style

[2005-12-24 07:38]

In the United States, the conservatives and the liberals are constantly fighting over something: the war in Iraq, abortion rights, gun control, tax policy, etc. This time of the year, they have picked a topic that would surely baffle us Chinese - the Christmas holiday itself.

Penchant for steamy topics

[2005-12-17 07:15]

I've heard many media mogul wannabes proclaim their lofty goals. They've usually set their eyes on the Chinese equivalents of The New York Times, The Financial Times or Time magazine. But given the choice, I'd say they'll end up going for something like The National Enquirer or The Star.

Let sages enrich us, not polarize us

[2005-12-10 06:45]

"Guoxue" is sometimes translated as "Sinology," but it actually covers a much narrower area, mainly the study of classics by such masters as Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, and Chuang Tzu.

Ever changing relations between lender and borrower

[2005-12-03 06:43]

The story of Yang Bailao is at least 60 years old, but how he comes to epitomize the evolving fate of a debtor would have been beyond his comprehension had he lived to this day.

Elevator ladies, checkout clerks and the human touch

[2005-11-26 05:39]

"Why do you need elevator attendants?" a puzzled expat friend of mine asked, shortly after he arrived in Beijing.

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