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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Spiritual guides or charlatans?

[2015-12-14 07:13]

The need for religious advice has spawned an army of self-proclaimed saints who roam for patrons and grant titles as if they were actors in a palace drama.

Abreast of controversy

[2015-12-07 07:31]

A nursing mother has become the subject of ridicule and empathy, as people living in a rapidly changing society grapple with gray areas, such as provocative gestures and explicit content.

College reunion reckoning

[2015-12-01 15:10]

I was not yet 16 when I first met them, and in the four ensuing years they became the elder sisters and brothers I never had.

A fateful knock at the door

[2015-11-16 08:05]

As the epitome of classical music in China, Beethoven has figured prominently in concert programs, but also in China's political landscape.

A trio of titans

[2015-11-08 16:57]

Three of the most revered masters in contemporary performing arts hail from Taiwan, yet their works are imprinted with a legacy that goes far back into cultural China.

A roar beyond race

[2015-10-26 07:10]

Creator of The Lion King, the world's top-grossing musical, shares her views on cultural inspiration and racial sensitivity before its Chinese debut.

Putting ghost butts in seats

[2015-10-19 07:14]

Box-office trickery can take many forms. Jazzing up attendance by paying for empty seats may embellish a report card, but it creates a bubble in the long term.

Hard pill to swallow?

[2015-10-12 07:31]

The announcement of this year's Nobel Prize in medicine has triggered a new debate on TCM, and reminds us that modern medical science depends on inspiration from every possible source.

Neither Chinese nor Western way of teaching is the best

[2015-08-31 07:47]

Chinese way of teaching and learning-with both its strengths and weaknesses-is revealed on a BBC show.

Adding injury to insult

[2015-09-07 09:06]

A dispute between a restaurant and a customer boils over into a debate about class disparity and mutual respect.

Sex, lies and religious roles

[2015-08-24 07:02]

China's most enterprising monk is ensnared in another web of accusations signifying either difficulty of blazing new trails or weakness of human nature.

Wet and wild

[2015-08-10 07:40]

Men and women getting into a swimming pool and having some clean fun is much better than having parents hawk their marriage like yard sale.

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