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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Old glory paves way for new adventure

[2015-08-19 08:09]

Mochuan, a township nestled in the mountains of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has recently been 'found' by tourists, looking to go beyond nearby Guilin. Raymond Zhou and Huo Yan pay a visit.

Bodacious army

[2015-08-03 07:42]

A legion of half-naked 'Spartan warriors' were accused of disturbing public order when they marched through downtown Beijing, but they were more guilty of bringing out the 'inner teenage girl' in a growing female clientele.

Meet Bill Kong, man behind screen hit Moster Hunt

[2015-07-30 07:45]

The country's film industry breeds larger-than-life personalities, but the ultimate film producer prefers low profile and plain speaking.

Messing with a legend

[2015-07-27 07:40]

A comedienne's lampoon of Mulan, the folk heroine who masquerades as male, has raised questions about cultural propriety and political correctness.

Hands across the water

[2015-04-10 08:22]

Whether on a diplomatic mission or in an academic position, Guillermo Pulido Gonzalez heeds the calling to act as a bridge for the cultures of Mexico and China.

Elephantine zeal

[2015-04-03 07:56]

Natarajan Ishwaran, a wildlife conservationist, aims to use technology to promote better management of natural habitats.

Being 'Yang' at heart not all bad

[2015-02-13 07:56]

The sheep, the zodiac animal of 2015, may be easily led astray, literally or figuratively. But in Chinese folklore, it inspires by its spirit of self-sacrifice and its association with fending off hunger.

Hit reinvigorates Tiger Mountain

[2015-02-02 07:41]

A vestige of an earlier era has spawned a new work of tremendous popularity, offering a second look at a special type of art that existed solely for politics.

Wisdom is seeing life for what it really is

[2015-01-14 15:47]

Photos of trash polarized Chinese searching for proof to reinforce their prejudices or for material to illuminate the complexities of life.

Private life and growing public acceptance

[2014-12-27 07:51]

Li Yinhe has been leading the life of a pioneer in more ways than one. For one, she is China's No.1 sexologist.

Film sector's rosy picture dotted with dark clouds

[2014-12-26 07:53]

The buildup of new cinemas is driving profit for exhibitors razor thin because much of their revenues end up paying for the rental of increasingly expensive real estate.

So just who is the real sissy, then?

[2014-12-13 08:01]

Lin Shaohua, a noted translator of Japanese literature, gave a lecture to a class of master of public administration students the other day.

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