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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Yes, Spring Festival is truly golden

[2007-02-16 12:26]

When it comes to Spring Festival, many Chinese have similar memories and ideas: How joyous it was when we were kids, how routine and stale it has become, and how much it is threatened by the more exotic Western holidays now making inroads in China.

Forget date rental for new year

[2007-02-09 06:54]

This could be the premise for a romantic comedy: Someone who pays for a date falls head over heels in love with that person and they end up walking into the sunset hand in hand.

'Shameful' exhibition backfires

[2007-02-03 07:32]

What do you call an auction where the sellers are hush-hush but the buyers enter into a bidding spree?

Kowtow not best show of gratitude

[2007-01-27 07:38]

Winter vacation is around the corner, and a management school at Zhengzhou University has given one special assignment to students happily going home to celebrate Spring Festival: perform a kowtow to their parents.

Netizens distracted by 'small evil'

[2007-01-20 08:13]

Yang Zaibao was a screen icon of heroism and virility in the early 1980s. His image was used to hawk some male enhancement products without his approval. When he sued the offending company, the media condemned it for damaging Yang's good name, but hardly anyone mentioned the illegal use of copyrighted material.

Writer should know where the limits are

[2007-01-13 14:45]

Not one month goes by without Han Han creating news of one kind or another. This time, the 24-year-old best-selling writer-cum-race car driver hit the headlines when one of his blog postings was used as a negative example by a high school language test.

We still need sense of right and wrong

[2007-01-06 06:48]

The New Year bells had hardly stopped tolling, when something outwardly tragicomic but inherently disturbing happened in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Kneeling is a thing of the past

[2006-12-30 06:31]

How far should job applicants go to show they are keen?

Bloggers' revolution is largely overrated

[2006-12-23 14:05]

Now that Time magazine has named "You" its Person of the Year, those addicted to the Internet have one more reason to tell their parents to beat it and leave them alone with their "revolution."

Reverse brain drain a sign of the times

[2006-12-16 06:43]

As the saying goes in Journalism 101, when dog bites man, that's not news; only when man bites dog should a reporter jump on it.

Is the dragon too fearsome a symbol for China?

[2006-12-09 08:18]

There has been hot debate since the suggestion of one academic made the press. Online it has been more of a wholesale denunciation than a real debate.

If it's honest work, what else matters?

[2006-12-02 06:30]

Is it hypocritical to say one job is better than another?

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