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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Pasta imperfect as noodle sales drop

[2016-07-18 09:27]

Sales of instant noodles have been on a five-year decline in China, which may be the outcome of many unrelated factors. Higher purchasing power and more sophisticated palates are two obvious culprits, but so is the law of gravity.

Curse of the honey pot

[2016-07-11 07:24]

Wendi Deng might have envied Tian Pujun.

Creativity or copying

[2016-07-04 07:44]

Acknowledging one's sources is a sign of honesty and also an effort to differentiate faithful adaptation and free association and the hundred shades in between.

Premarital Sex: Entertainer Kris Wu's crisis

[2016-06-27 07:13]

A heartthrob's sex scandal is not only a cautionary tale for showbiz celebrities and their fans, but a lesson in the changing codes of conduct in our fast-paced and highly connected society.

Made for China: Having it both ways

[2016-06-20 07:25]

Both Hollywood and China's film industry have been searching for the secret formula for global hits. Before they find it, 'made for China'-with Chinese money and US talent-seems to be a tantalizing option.

Producer who kowtows for screenings

[2016-06-16 07:51]

A drama to save a cinematic work of art with little mass market appeal unfolded both on-screen and off-screen when a venerated producer pleaded for more screenings of the swan song of a master.

Racism comes out in the wash

[2016-06-06 13:44]

A racially insensitive Chinese advertisement pokes open the gaping hole of ignorance and class-based bigotry, which is a growing challenge in our age of globalization.

Festival drama peels layers of character who isn't there

[2016-05-09 08:02]

Heroes' Square (Heldenplatz), as presented at the Third Tianjin Caoyu International Theater Festival, is a polarizing piece that mesmerized some and bored others.

Proper Chinese weddings with an edge

[2016-04-11 07:36]

Recent public outrage over a practical joke at a star's wedding sheds light on whether age-old custom of sexually suggestive games should be maintained.

A funny way to fortune

[2016-03-28 07:30]

It remains to be seen whether money can elevate a comedy newcomer like Jiang Yilei to a sustainable level of creativity and profitability.

Matching wits

[2016-03-21 08:35]

While AlphaGo's win over one of the world's best Go players marked a milestone in artificial intelligence advances, humans have an edge in many of the simpler tasks, such as linguistic expression.

Rising above girls day jokes

[2016-03-14 10:24]

The sexist messages have angered many, but the real culprit is pop culture that scorns women who make unconventional choices and stigmatizes them as an appendage of wealth and status.

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