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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Reality is not black and white

[2007-11-17 07:24]

Recently I have been bombarded by requests from the Chinese-language press for my take on the Hollywood strike.

Cultural nuances in the way of understanding

[2007-11-10 07:11]

Ang Lee's Lust, Caution got a lot of negative reviews in the US. I was shocked. I always thought Lee, of all people, could convey the nuances of Chinese culture to a Western audience.

No growing pains, no growing gains

[2007-11-03 07:37]

Last weekend, China's film industry held its annual Oscar wannabe, also known as the Golden Rooster awards. It was a routine event that even a typhoon wouldn't be able to whip up into a storm. The organizers usually name multiple winners in one category to make everyone happy, and you'd find more suspense in a corporate sing-along contest.

Ignorance, both funny and sad

[2007-10-27 07:44]

There is a joke going around among China's journalists, especially those who cover culture and entertainment.

The last good Samaritan?

[2007-10-20 07:43]

Does rule of law necessitate the elimination of good Samaritans?

Exporters between rock and hard place

[2007-09-29 07:24]

It is risky to defend an unpopular cause, such as the recent product scares involving Chinese exporters.

A learning fad that's truly crazy

[2007-09-22 06:52]

English as a second language (ESL) is all the rage in China. Gazillions of people are learning it. Unfortunately, the experience is quite unpleasant for many. Long hours and endless repetition of dry lessons yields little tangible result in terms of ability to use the language. No wonder the "I hate English" club is growing in leaps and bounds.

Art is beyond ethnicity

[2007-09-08 06:22]

Lei Yixin is not a household name in China. Even when he was selected as the sculptor for a monument to Martin Luther King Jr to be erected at the National Mall in Washington DC, it did not make the front pages of the Chinese press.

Employee rights at core

[2007-09-01 07:42]

When an expatriate manager goes bananas over a small incident, does it signify something larger?

Applaud or not, that is the question

[2007-08-25 07:10]

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Thou shalt not collude on pricing

[2007-08-20 07:03]

Thou shalt not collude on pricing, the regulatory god said unto the Moses of industries in most countries, including China. But the instant noodle cabal either did not hear it or turned a deaf ear.

Principle or prejudice?

[2007-08-18 07:11]

When an entertainment celebrity takes a moral stand, it often goes beyond personal belief. That is why the moral crusade of a Chinese television star has turned into an eye-catching headline.

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