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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Cashing in on culture

[2009-10-30 07:57]

Nobody should be surprised about the best-selling author making headlines, but what's different this time is he's in the business pages.

The story of China Incorporated

[2009-10-23 08:44]

Twenty-five years ago, Megatrends was a must-read for any Chinese who was keen to know about the world - not just the world as it was, but the world that would be.

Better safe than sorry

[2009-10-16 07:42]

Lifestyle changes are often spearheaded by trendsetters, such as movie stars and hip-hop idols.

Saving face

[2009-10-09 08:16]

Early October is Nobel Prize announcement week. It is often an agonizing and even humiliating period for some Chinese who see the prize as the yardstick of our nation's scientific and educational development.

Zhang's hip-hopera hoopla

[2009-10-09 08:16]

Ever since Zhang Yimou was invited to stage Turandot in Florence, Italy, in 1996, he has been fixated on this operatic gem. But the many productions he has undertaken do not vary much in concept and only slightly in execution. Yes, the venues change and the sets become larger and more extravagant, but what else?

Prowling China's Jurassic Park

[2009-09-24 08:28]

In the art world or in the natural world, green usually serves as a supporting color for red, which blossoms and catches all the attention.

Seeing red over black Angel

[2009-09-18 08:42]

A half-Chinese, half-black young woman is making a lot of Chinese netizens mad. She didn't do anything. She just looks different.

A less than happy feeling

[2009-09-11 08:12]

If you want to read tea leaves about China, the just concluded Happy Girls talent show offered a basketful of foliage.

The dash for cash

[2009-09-04 07:59]

When Zhang Yinan was filling out a job application form she came to "family financial status" and quickly skipped it.

Shadow play

[2009-08-28 08:17]

Andy Lau is facing the biggest dilemma of his career. He loves to keep up the facade of being a happy-go-lucky bachelor, yet custom mandates he perform certain tasks that contradict that appearance.

Caught in the Web

[2009-08-21 08:06]

China Central Television aired an investigative show last week about a problematic cure for Internet addiction. It focused on a doctor who uses electro-convulsive therapy to treat mostly teenagers sent in by their parents and guardians to achieve "behavioral correction", as the treatment is labeled at a Linyi, Shandong province, hospital.

Stop seeing celebrites as role models

[2009-08-20 07:50]

Singer Han Xiao and a dozen others were arrested over the weekend for taking illegal drugs. It seems that hardly a month goes by without some celebrity being caught for this reason. With so many famous entertainers being exposed as drug addicts, headlines are quickly turning into clichs.

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