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Beijing, Tokyo must build mutual trust to improve ties

In February 1972, then US president Richard Nixon visited Beijing in an effort to improve his country's relations with China. Since it didn't get prior information from the United States about the trip, Japan was caught unawares.

EU reality kicks in as haggling begins over UK's divorce

With Prime Minister Theresa May setting a Global Britain blueprint, the negotiation teams are scheduled to complete the talks in early 2019.

Thucydides's Trap does not have to be inevitable

Such adjustment won't be easy for either of them, especially as the US is feeling deeply anxious about no longer being No 1 in the world in increasing number of areas, and it is showing it is unwilling to share power as much as it should be.

Shared bikes perfect example of win-win mode of transport

China used to be called the "Kingdom of Bicycles" in the 1980s because bikes were the most popular mode of transport for Chinese people at the time.

Australia risks losing benefits by being biased against China

A worrying and dangerous trend has been noticed among media outlets and the political establishment in Australia, which threatens to squander what the country has achieved from its healthy and growing partnership with China.

Social media seems to be widening the social chasm

An old friend, a retiree, is so concerned about An old friend, a retiree, is so concerned about public affairs that he keeps re-transmitting stories, essays, even hearsays, on a lot of things to his WeChat contacts.

Home prices give the lie to notion of better future

As I left the store I thanked my masseuse profusely, not only for the good massage I received, but also for a lesson on work and life.

Sports and drugs made for each other?

Thanks to the sluggish global economy, rising terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis in Europe, the world has all but forgotten about the effects of climate change.

Rio Olympics prove, for Britain at least, money can buy success

The medals have been handed out, the flags raised and lowered for the last time, and in Britain the newspapers have indulged in a frenzy of praise after Team GB came second in the medals table.

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