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TCM therapy offers much food for thought

An official's governance capability will greatly improve if he or she approaches the problems in the same way a TCM practitioner diagnoses a physical ailment.

Faced with rising opposition forces, Abe's future looks uncertain

Japan's political landscape is not expected to stabilize to suit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's style of politics despite the Cabinet reshuffle on Aug 3. Support for his administration is not constant, although approval ratings have risen slightly.

EU should regulate investment cautiously

It is now for the EU to decide whether building trade barriers is conducive to the economic growth of the bloc and the rest of the world or harmful to all.

Weigh pros and cons before randomly using AI technology

We may not see similar protests today, but history should serve as a warning against the indiscriminate development and application of AI technology.

US military ties with Taiwan will damage relations

The latest US bill, if written into law, will set two troubling precedents for Washington's relations with Taiwan, and subsequently damage Sino-US relations.

Have the wheels come off the bike-sharing industry?

It is always painful to see something useful being turned into rubbish, and that may be the tragic fate shared bikes are embracing.

Sports and drugs made for each other?

Thanks to the sluggish global economy, rising terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis in Europe, the world has all but forgotten about the effects of climate change.

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