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Sister Phoenix, part two

Shortly after I finished last week's X-Ray column, titledThe (r)evolution of an internet celebrity, it became instantly outdated. The twists have come on so inexorably that it may even turn into a serial melodrama.

Lessons can still be learned from Nixon's historic trip 45 years ago

Tuesday marked the 45th anniversary of the historic trip to China by US president Richard Nixon, a trip that ended more than two decades of hostilities between the two nations and a trip that Nixon called "a week that changed the world".

Social media seems to be widening the social chasm

An old friend, a retiree, is so concerned about An old friend, a retiree, is so concerned about public affairs that he keeps re-transmitting stories, essays, even hearsays, on a lot of things to his WeChat contacts.

Online shopkeeping effort falls on stony ground

As I left the store I thanked my masseuse profusely, not only for the good massage I received, but also for a lesson on work and life.

Sports and drugs made for each other?

Thanks to the sluggish global economy, rising terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis in Europe, the world has all but forgotten about the effects of climate change.

Rio Olympics prove, for Britain at least, money can buy success

The medals have been handed out, the flags raised and lowered for the last time, and in Britain the newspapers have indulged in a frenzy of praise after Team GB came second in the medals table.

China can help boost European Union's economic growth

Since the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, opinion leaders worldwide, especially those in Brussels, have been putting forward proposals on the evolution of global leadership and warning against the consequences of the United States' refusal to fulfill its global commitments.

ROK conglomerate will damage its business if it agrees to missile deal

The Republic of Korea's retail giant Lotte Group is now at the center of the political storm raging between the ROK and China over the former's decision to deploy a US missile defense system.

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