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Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yuan is an editorial writer with China Daily’s opinion department. He writes editorials about social and cultural issues.

Social media seems to be widening the social chasm

[2017-01-05 07:36]

An old friend, a retiree, is so concerned about public affairs that he keeps re-transmitting stories, essays, even hearsays, on a lot of things to his WeChat contacts. What is surprising is that he had never seemed interested in many of the things in the past.

Brexit tells world to change path of globalization

[2016-08-25 07:41]

The implications of Brexit, or Britain's exit from the European Union, could extend far beyond the EU. It could be an antidote to the downside of globalization. Or, it could backfire on the problematic global economy.

Spirit of endurance matters, so does skill

[2016-08-23 10:34]

With the Chinese women volleyball team grabbing the 26th and last Olympic gold for the country in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, “the spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team” seems to have become a favorite term for many.

Wishing a more equitable Year of the Monkey

[2016-02-06 08:50]

To further the fight against corruption and end the unhealthy working styles within the Party in the Year of the Monkey, it is imperative that the absolute powers top leaders enjoy be diluted through tighter supervision or other institutional constraints.

Party members in wedding banquet soup

[2015-12-08 11:22]

Party secretary and president of the Central Conservatory of Music Wang Cizhao was dismissed a week ago for holding a banquet for his daughter’s wedding.

Being unaware of hypocrisy is itself hypocrisy

[2015-11-28 09:11]

Among other things, self-examination or soul-searching is what most Chinese people lack.

Conflicting theories on car crash no surprise

[2015-09-12 08:54]

On June 20, a BMW car traveling above the permissible speed limit jumped the red light at a crossing in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, and crashed into another car, killing two innocent people.

Knowledge can save people from evil cults

[2015-08-01 09:36]

Knowledge about how destructive cults work will help people foil their recruitment tactics and exploitative means.

Sins of omission detrimental to governing ability

[2015-06-06 08:09]

Corruption as a sin of commission is a disease and so is the reluctance to perform one's duties. It is similar to the sin of omission. Both have the potential to kill a patient if not cured with the right medicines.

Vital to keep in mind the bigger picture of China-US relations

[2015-06-04 07:34]

Ably managing China-US differences is an important and serious job for politicians in both countries, especially those in the US.

Paranoia over China does US no good

[2015-04-11 09:57]

Will the United States revert to protectionist policies to perpetuate its hegemony or stick to the principle of free trade at the risk of suffering relative decline?

Inclusive mind is crucial for social progress

[2015-02-05 08:50]

While talking about Western values, we Chinese can never deny or ignore that, without learning from the West, China would not have become what it is now.

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