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EU could take a leaf out of China's book on diplomacy

[2017-11-14 07:14]

This time last year, as the world was coming to terms with Donald Trump winning the US presidential election, Europeans and Chinese worried about the president-elect's provocative rhetoric and what he would do in office.

China's local governments reaching out to EU states

[2017-11-07 07:19]

The China-Belgium Technology Center, a future hi-tech business center launched in Louvain-la-Neuve in June last year, is the result of a partnership between the Hubei provincial government and the Walloon government in Belgium. And the China Culture Centre in Brussels, in which the Shanghai municipal government is a major player, is strengthening cultural ties between China and the European Union through its activities and programs.

EU has enough incentive to strengthen ties

[2017-10-25 07:39]

The EU leaders should study Xi's speech also to explore what opportunities China would offer once it evolves into a great modern socialist country by 2050.

China's panda diplomacy helps strengthen ties with Europe

[2017-10-17 07:21]

When observing the China-EU relationship since 2012, it can be seen that pandas have played an important role in helping bring the two sides closer together.

Europe eyes potential of flying visits

[2017-10-10 08:05]

Despite the threat of terrorist incidents, Chinese tourists continue to flock into European countries, and Chinese airlines have been responding to the demand by launching new direct flights to European destinations.

By looking east Merkel can help secure her political legacy

[2017-09-26 08:02]

On Sunday, Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian counterpart the Christian Social Union won a small majority in the German election, meaning she will be chancellor for a fourth term and remain in office until 2021.

Proposed EU regulation will harm foreign investors

[2017-09-19 07:32]

The European Commission proposed a draft regulation to assume greater power in approving foreign direct investment in the sectors which could affect security and public order.

Merkel set to win the polls, boost ties with China

[2017-09-12 07:37]

With Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian counterpart the Christian Social Union in Bavaria consistently leading the opinion polls, the German chancellor seems set to win her fourth federal parliamentary election on Sept 24.

EU-US trade relations experiencing a bumpy ride

[2017-09-05 08:25]

In his third state of union address to the European Parliament on Sept 13, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker should refer to a check list of his team's 10 priorities when he took office in late 2014, and assess to what extent it has fulfilled them in three years-or more than halfway into his term.

EU is not totally safe against terrorists despite strict measures

[2017-08-30 07:28]

From the bloody airport and metro terrorist attacks in Brussels in March to a truck driver plowing through shoppers in a Christmas market in Berlin in December, 2016 was a year of sorrow and anger for Europe as the European Union suffered more deadly attacks following the bloody incidents in Paris in 2015.

Chinese are ready for adventure, but is EU prepared to receive them?

[2017-08-22 07:47]

Brussels' tiny Schumann Square, around which European Union institutions and embassies are nestled, may not be as famous as Beijing's Tiananmen Square, New York City's Times Square or Moscow's Red Square.

TV shows, films can consolidate cultural bonds with Europe

[2017-08-08 07:55]

I am thrilled by the avalanche of comments, re-posts and likes that I received within hours of the publication of my article on China Daily's weibo account on actor Jin Dong and his presence in the Belgian city of Antwerp to film Mr Right, a new TV drama.

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