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Europe has reason to feel cheerful but it must oppose protectionism

[2016-12-29 08:18]

When describing the condition of the European Union, many are inclined to recite a long list of crises facing Europeans. Apart from the fallout from the Brexit vote, mass migrations of displaced people, terrorism, changes in leadership and other events.

Trump can learn lessons from European leaders

[2016-12-20 07:19]

When hearing US president-elect Donald Trump's recent irritating rhetoric on China, former French premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a veteran politician, was reminded of something similar in Europe not too long ago. It involved Nicolas Sarkozy, who served as French president from 2007 to 2012.

EU starts timely program to help its young people

[2016-12-13 07:34]

China and the EU have agreed to cooperate on some mega projects, such as the€315 billion ($350 billion) investment plan and the Belt and Road Initiative. Now, they need to explore another front to connect the minds of the younger generation by learning from Juncker's European Solidarity Corps.

Political changes in the West a challenge for Germany at G20 helm

[2016-12-06 07:36]

Even the EU, with European Parliament President Martin Schulz announcing his decision to run for German chancellorship, faces a possible change in leadership and growing political uncertainty.

OECD expects economy to expand at 6.7%

[2016-11-29 17:34]

China's economy will grow at 6.7 percent this year, but edge down to 6.4 and 6.1 in 2017 and 2018, the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said in its global economic outlook on Monday.

Goal of boosting Chinese soccer is great chance for Germany

[2016-11-29 08:24]

President Xi Jinping is a soccer fan and so is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and during the past three years, they have been making consistent efforts to expand their two countries' soccer partnership.

Trump should honor US' climate promise

[2016-11-22 08:44]

Donald Trump's election as the president of the United States has sparked a debate over climate change amid the just-concluded United Nations climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

EU coming to terms with Trump win, seeks early meeting

[2016-11-15 07:39]

It seems Brussels has taken the initiative to embrace the Trump era while its bureaucrats are busy adjusting themselves to the new political reality.

Proposed business council in EU has a vital role to play

[2016-11-08 08:26]

This is a project that will require a vision, a governance structure and capable hands.

Paris climate pact starts new global green movement

[2016-11-01 08:00]

Importantly, there should be more scrutiny on how, as a global leader, the US drums up support from developed countries to help the world's South in winning their death-or-survival fight.

With so many fires to fight, the EU has forgotten its mission

[2016-10-25 07:44]

It is the right time for the EU leaders to think about issues from the other side's perspective if they really want to protect the interests of the EU.

EU talking tough on trade ahead of talks with China

[2016-10-18 17:06]

Soon after Chinese Vice-Premier Ma Kai took part in a high-level economic dialogue with European Union officials three years ago, Beijing and Brussels reached an amicable solution to end their dispute over China's solar panel exports to Europe that had almost frozen bilateral relations for a year.

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