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Zhao Huanxin

The author is deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily USA.

Ambassador speaks out on issues affecting Americans

[2017-09-21 07:09]

Problems in China-US relations mostly come from the federal government, but it is always the US states which end up footing the bill, Cui said.

Controlling TB must be part of BRICS' story in 'golden decade'

[2017-09-07 07:33]

The 9th BRICS Summit that concluded in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, on Tuesday has drawn the world's attention to the member nations' tremendous accomplishments and promises.

Are bomb shelters the only option to escape a nuclear war?

[2017-08-31 07:13]

US President Donald Trump warned on Tuesday that "all options" are again on the table after Pyongyang tested a ballistic missile, this time a rare firing of a projectile over Japan.

Barack drops Chinese proverbs, too

[2009-11-19 08:16]

When Barack Obama journeyed to the Great Wall yesterday, I was wondering if someone on his team, or the United States president himself, would come up with a Chinese saying or two to express his feelings.

One man looks back while all around are looking ahead

[2008-12-30 07:56]

If you paint on a blank piece of paper, says a Chinese proverb, you may create a beautiful picture.

Jean genies of Yulin

[2008-12-17 09:13]

Yulin is "the world's biggest trouser manufacturing city" and cranks out millions of pairs of jeans at less than US$2 apiece.

Why this bird flu survivor is now ruling the roost

[2008-12-15 07:39]

I have longed to see how farmer Huang Shengde has fared since I visited his home in 2004 during China's first case of deadly bird flu.

Early birds flock to city for park life

[2008-12-11 08:00]

All Chinese cities have their own individual characters, but they have one thing in common: Their parks teem with health-conscious urbanites.

One night in the Nest

[2008-08-21 08:30]

When I got two tickets for the athletics competition to be staged on Sunday night in the Bird's Nest, I was more worried than excited.

Keeping the torch of hope alive

[2008-08-13 08:23]

For thousands of reporters combing for off-beat stories at the Games host city, those of a cancer-afflicted athlete and an Olympic cheering squad battling the same disease could be just the right stuff.

Stop reckless driving for the sake of life

[2008-12-10 14:35]

I always feel sad when I see someone get hurt in a car accident. But last week my grief doubled because an old man died after he was struck by vehicles, twice, as a result of possible reckless driving.

Sweetness and light nourish office worker bees

[2008-11-27 08:08]

Office "worker bees" in their 30s and 40s like myself, worn out by the daily stress and strain of living in busy Beijing, have become increasingly blunted emotionally. On most weekdays we look as sulky as the wintry weather.

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