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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

About face

[2016-03-07 08:27]

The mystery of a foreign star's appeal in China deserves more than tabloid coverage. Its unraveling may help shape the face of future global blockbusters and advertising campaigns.

Take this job and ...

[2016-02-29 08:38]

Young Chinese have very different views on career security, but their impulsive decisions to terminate employment point to growing affluence and the unwillingness to acclimate.

Love isn't blind

[2016-02-22 08:37]

When the nation was gripped by the unsubstantiated story of a city woman fleeing her boyfriend's backwater of a hometown, it showed the stumbling blocks to upward mobility, which can be social, psychological or economic.

Heart of the holidays

[2016-02-15 11:19]

With more recognition than Halloween and less than Christmas, Valentine's Day as a somewhat recently imported festival faces a precarious situation in China, where it's caught between shifting forces of tradition and fashion.

Conflicting traits are mark of monkey

[2016-02-12 00:43]

Despite lack of the exalted status of the dragon or the tiger, the monkey, as a zodiac animal, has a strong presence in China's language, arts and literature.

The single most important issue

[2016-02-01 07:27]

Those of marriageable age who return home for the Chinese New Year reunion tend to hear the giant sucking sound of the institution of marriage, reminding them that to be single is shameful.

Honey money on chatrooms as sex sells

[2016-01-25 07:05]

TV may be on the decline, but online chat rooms have sprouted up, offering advice, allure and arousal to those of need, generating big business.

Fans offer more than idol

[2016-01-18 08:24]

Fans play a special role in pop culture and the entertainment industry. Not only do they spend heavily on their idols and evangelize for them, fans often assume the positions of attackers and defenders as if in a blood sport.

Heart of the law

[2016-01-11 07:57]

A 13-year-old was caught red-handed stealing a few chocolate bars from a supermarket in Gansu province on Dec 29. The proprietor of the business called her mother to pay the penalty.

Poetic translation riles critics, pulled from shelves

[2015-12-29 09:52]

A new Chinese translation of Indian Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's poetry has been pulled off the shelves in China, the publisher said on Monday.

Chinese movies that represented the best of art in 2015

[2015-12-29 09:47]

A roundup of the year's "best" domestic films will set you on a collision course with those with different tastes and yardsticks.

Lust in translation

[2015-12-21 07:53]

There's a fine line between imprinting creative works with unique personality and screaming for attention. Feng Tang just crossed it, when he translated Tagore's tranquil verse into a vulgar selfie of hormone saturated innuendo.

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