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Raymond Zhou

The author is a columnist and culture critic with China Daily

Exception should be the norm

[2007-08-11 05:07]

The Internet is a mind-boggling platform when it comes to communication. Perfect strangers can meet there and conduct meaningful conversations, which may lead to special relationships and, in some cases, even marriage.

Don't get carried away with GDP

[2007-08-04 07:45]

China's economy will soon overtake Germany's, and by 2040 it will trump the US and become the world's number one.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder

[2007-07-28 07:04]

The word is in: China's 50 most beautiful women have more brains than bosom. And that is making a lot of netizens very unhappy.

Don't let bad apple spoil journalism

[2007-07-21 06:45]

What could be worse than a food scandal?

Small things count in management

[2007-07-14 06:53]

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been open for a year now, but most passengers climbing up to the "Roof of the World" have opted to sidestep Xining, somewhat of a gateway to the plateau.

What is really behind a TV reality show?

[2007-07-07 07:19]

It is always interesting to watch foreign media react to phenomena in China of such complexity that they do not fit into clear-cut Western interpretations. The television reality show is a case in point.

Appreciate Guoxue as it is

[2007-06-30 15:03]

Guoxue is hot, it is sizzling.

It takes time to change mindsets

[2007-06-23 07:12]

On a recent day, when a reporter dropped in on an office in North China's Shanxi Province, he found a group of people playing cards. It was during office hours.

Group dancing adds bounce to teenagers

[2007-06-16 06:45]

Should teenagers get up and boogie sometimes?

Best comedy knows how to tickle audience

[2007-06-09 07:25]

When you visit a Northeastern city like Shenyang or Changchun, you've got to catch a show of "er ren zhuan" (two-person act), a local form of standup comedy, singing and acrobatic stunts all rolled into one. It is becoming as de rigueur as a Broadway show is to a traveler to New York.

Rebelliousness needs outlets

[2007-06-02 07:04]

How should students treat their teachers?

Pork price swing can be minimized

[2007-05-26 07:03]

Pork is the talk of town.

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