Hami Uygur embroidery: Stitching bright, profitable future

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Hami Uygur embroidery: Stitching bright, profitable future

Hami Uygur embroidery. [Photo provided to]

Hami used to be a strategic point along the ancient Silk Road. About three centuries ago, Emperor Kangxi sent 200 embroiderers there and gradually the traditional Uygur embroidery came into being. However, due to lack of awareness and promotion, embroiderers in Hami struggled to make a living. Plus, embroidery making is time-consuming and arduous, so it faced a bleak future. But local embroiderers didn't give up.

And more importantly, the outside world got involved.

With the help of Artplus, three designer groups- "Mukin", "Moodbox", and "Wooha" - went to Hami separately in April this year.

On April 1, "Mukin" was the first group to enter Hami. Its members began working on their project immediately. They visited local embroiderers and brought them new materials, patterns and techniques. They shared their experiences and offered brief training. Their arrival was welcomed and appreciated.

On April 5, the five-person "Wooha" team arrived. They soon started their weeklong training and exchanges with local embroiderers.

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