Animation Monkey King to land in 60 countries

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Animation <EM>Monkey King</EM> to land in 60 countries

Monkey King: The Hero is on the covers of SCREEN and Animation Magazine in early November. []

Flame Node Entertainment will distribute film overseas. Feng Yi, founder and president of Flame Node, said they have arranged several exhibition screenings for foreign distributors, who were impressed and amazed by the animation's qualities.

Feng said Hero is Back is a new voice in the market dominated by Hollywood animation. To get closer to foreign audiences, they also hired an American team to dub the voice for the characters.

Ned Lott, the producer and voice director for Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro (2015 Disney version) cast the English voices for Hero is Back, while Cory Edwards, the script writer for Hoodwinked! and Escape from Planet Earth, helped to rewrite some dialogue lines to make the film more understandable for Western audiences.

The overseas release dates of the film have not been announced yet. According to sales statistics, the Asian countries' distributors have reacted warmly to it since the original Chinese classic Journey to the West is still very popular in Oriental cultures.


Monkey King - Box office hero

Monkey King overtakes Kung Fu Panda 2 as China's animation top earner

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