SARFT to ban Internet slang on screen and ads

( ) Updated: 2014-11-28 14:31:30

What Internet users say

Weibo user JianguoHuisong: I don't agree with this. Many proverbs came to be from how things were put by the public. Today's popular terms may become mainstream tomorrow, and besides, many of them are meaningful. But of course, they need to stand the test of time. Suppressing the formation of something is forcefully controlling the development of culture.

Weibo user Qianqian: I agree. It'd be disastrous if these terms made their way into our dictionary.

Weibo user YiQianLingChan: Culture filters itself. What's filtering culture is those who live in it. They will decide what stays and what goes.

Weibo user Yanzi360: It doesn't need to be this extreme. It'll depend on the type of program. I think it's fine to use them for entertainment. The world should be diverse.


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