China targets cheating ahead of gaokao

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2015-06-03 16:32:10

Central organs covering education, the Internet and law enforcement are rolling out their own tests to ensure the upcoming college entrance exams, known as "gaokao", are not tainted by dishonesty.

A campaign has been launched to crack down on the sale of wireless devices frequently used for cheating, improper gaokao-related content online and substitute exam sitters, the Ministry of Education said Tuesday in a statement.

Despite existing preventive measures, cheating on the gaokao occurs time and time again. In some cases, teachers and students conspire to hire experienced people to sit the tests or use devices to achieve high scores.

After last year's gaokao, more than 80 education officials, teachers, invigilators, students and even parents received punishments ranging from warnings to dismissals in Hubei Province, central China.

Security this year will involve the ministries of education, public security and national security, the State Internet Information Office, the National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets, the Supreme People's Court, and the police.

"Local education officials directly related to the exam should understand that it's their duty to ensure discipline and will suffer the consequences should they be implicated in malpractice," Monday's statement said.

It stressed that campaigns to raise credibility awareness among students should be expanded to anyone personnel involved in the exams.

Local authorities were also urged to ensure exam sites are orderly, and to step up inspections on the printing, storage and transportation of exam papers.

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