Water town dreams of being art hub

By Deng Zhangyu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-03-29 07:44:47

Water town dreams of being art hub

Choe U-Ram's mechanical installation Custos Cavum [Photo provided to China Daily]

"I wish I could do a work for the water town. The town inspires artists and in return artists' works can expose the hidden charms of the town," says Xu, who is known for his Chinese character-related works and installations.

Also in the factory area are Abramovic's six videos made in 1997, Hirst's Last Supper, Eliasson's multimedia installation The Inverted Panorama House and Song Dong's Avenue Square that replicates common street scenes in China.

"The event is a first for China - with so many big names from around the world at a group show here. We want to build a brand and hold such exhibitions every two or three years," says curator Feng.

To ensure that the exhibition gains more influence and exposure in China and abroad, Feng and his team invited celebrities from different fields, including architects like Maya Lin who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington and famous designers like Studio Job from the Netherlands.

Feng says the most difficult part of bringing foreign artists to Wuzhen was convincing them to come because they had preconceived notions about China's being just the "world's factory".

But after they visited Wuzhen and saw the water town, most decided to participate in the show.

Chen Xianghong, president of Culture Wuzhen Company, the show's organizer, says he believes the company can build Wuzhen's reputation when it comes to art. His confidence stems from the annual Wuzhen Theater Festival that has gained international fame.

Chen says that when the theater festival was first held three years ago, it faced a situation similar to what the art show is facing now. But now, famous drama directors from across the world want to come to Wuzhen to stage their dramas.

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