Oscar-winning company bringing show to Bird's Nest

By Deng Zhangyu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-09-02 07:21:44

Oscar-winning company bringing show to Bird's Nest

A designer at Pixomondo works on the visual effects for the show. Photos provided to China Daily

An Oscar-winning company that produced visual effects for Game of Thrones is set to cast its spell on an upcoming show at the Bird's Nest stadium. Deng Zhangyu reports.

Oscar-winning company bringing show to Bird's Nest

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Oscar-winning company bringing show to Bird's Nest

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This year's edition of Attraction, a sound and light show tailored for visitors to the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, will feature visual effects by Pixomondo, an Oscar-winning German company.

The show, scheduled to be staged in the evenings from Sept 13 to 30, is based on a fictional love story between a human male and a goddess of nature, whose union is attempted to be spoiled by an evil force. Chinese moviemaker Lu Chuan is back to direct the show as well this year.

Pixomondo's involvement also marks the three-year-old show's continued association with well-regarded international companies. Last year, a British company designed some visual effects for Attraction, helping the show earn an award from the UK-based International Visual Communications Association.

Pixomondo has produced effects for Attraction that are 12 minutes long, and cover almost one-fifth of the entire show, according to an official from the company's production team.

The State-owned Assets Management Company that runs the annual show may consider a future world tour with Attraction, according to sources at the Chinese company.

In 2012, the German company won an Oscar for best visual effects for the 3-D film Hugo, directed by Hollywood icon Martin Scorsese. Pixomondo has also produced effects for the Game of Thrones, an American fantasy TV series that is immensely popular in China.

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