Gong Linna: I'm an artist, not an entertainer

By Ruan Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-07-29 09:01:43
Gong Linna: I'm an artist, not an entertainer

Gong at the community choir. [Photo provided to]

Upon hearing such comments, Gong smiled, saying, "They'll eventually understand what we're doing."

Gong said there were many times she wanted to go back to Germany, but her fans made her stay. "They used to tell me, that they do not chase the stars, but they hope I can stay to do great Chinese music, our music. I was touched," Gong said.

Earlier this month, Zhu knew that Gong was going to Germany for her summer vacation this July with Robert and his family, and the vocal training had to stop for a while. She contacted this China Daily reporter, and sent a long greeting to be conveyed to Gong.

Asked why, Zhu said because we love her.

"When Gong teaches, she is fully engaged. Sometimes, she would come directly after a performance, though she was tired, she tries to be cheerful, which influenced us a lot," Zhu said.

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