Gong Linna: I'm an artist, not an entertainer

By Ruan Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-07-29 09:01:43
Gong Linna: I'm an artist, not an entertainer

Gong Linna performs at the "Fire" segment of her May concert. The concert consists of five parts, respectively named "Gold", "Wood", "Water", "Fire" and "Earth". [Photo provided to]

The song became a phenomenon and Gong suddenly became a popular entertainer.

In the following years, while Gong has sung some traditional Chinese songs, they are often forgotten. Only those "abnormal", or unconventional ones got noticed and circulated online.

"So that's when we thought it's time to fix that expression. We want them to know that we're not entertainers, we're artists," Robert said.

Three years ago, Robert was contemplating the idea of an artistic concert. The couple then spent most of their savings in preparing for this concert.

"We have some artists friends, who are very supportive of what we're doing. Like the stage design, the lighting, they offered us the lowest price. But still, we're putting money into the concert, not profiting from it," said Lao Luo.

This May, the three concerts proved a great success. Many who went to see their performance said it was quite an immersive artistic experience.

More said they were surprised that Gong could be "normal" and can "actually sing".

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