Five sites in China awarded UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards

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Award of Distinction

Five sites in China awarded UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards

Saltpans of Yim Tin Tsai, Hong Kong. [Photo/UNESCO]

Project name: Saltpans of Yim Tin Tsai

Location: Hong Kong, China

The revitalization of the saltpans of Yim Tin Tsai Island in a rural area of Hong Kong SAR celebrates an overlooked form of industrial heritage and contributes to pushing the envelope of conservation practice. The project overcame the lack of historical records by using a field-based methodology of in situ investigation to inform the conservation process. The conservation work employed simple local building materials and techniques to return the saltpans to functioning condition. The saltpans now serve as an educational hub for students and as an eco-tourism destination for a growing number of visitors. Coordinated by the members of the Chan clan who originally built the saltpans, the project has rekindled an interest in the history of Hong Kong’s early development and sets an innovative approach to the conservation of industrial heritage landscapes.

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