Meet Dai Dali, the pole-dancing pensioner

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2015-09-03 11:37:22

Meet Dai Dali, the pole-dancing pensioner

Dai Dali still keeps physical exercises at 70 years old. [File photo]

Many seniors can put the younger generation to shame on China's outdoor gyms, but one grandmother has swapped the parallel bars for something a little more risque: Dai Dali is one of the country's most famous pole dancers.

After competing on the TV talent show "Amazing Chinese", and winning a national pole dancing competition in her age category, Dai, 70, is a prime example of how retirement shouldn't just be about winding down.

After saying goodbye to her career at a bookstore in 2005, Dai was looking for ways to ward off boredom. Dance classes seemed an obvious choice. She tried Latin, folk and other types of dance before falling in love with the combination of acrobatics and dance that pole dancing offered.

"I like the feeling of spinning in the air. It's fantastic," she said.

Not everyone is a fan of this bumping and grinding granny, especially those that can not shake off the association pole dancing has with strip clubs.

"It is indecent and inappropriate for a woman of her age to take up this 'immoral' dance," commented "Lingxiayidu' on Sina Weibo, China's answer to Twitter. "I wouldn't let my mother wear a miniskirt and high heels or act in this way."

Dai's family and friends, however, are supportive and proud that she chooses to ignore the naysayers.

In fact, Dai feels she has a responsibility to show them that pole dancing is not just about seedy karaoke bars and scantily clad girls. It is about keeping fit, staying healthy and having fun.

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