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China's first solar chimney plant starts operating in desert

[2010-12-28 09:32]

A water-tower-like chimney is eye catching in the desolate desert, where under the chimney is a glass-made house sitting above the ground.

Changes to development model

[2010-12-27 13:37]

The 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015) is crucial for China. So it is essential that the decision-makers recognize the opportunities and challenges at home and abroad before drafting the new development plan to transform the country's growth model and industrial structure.

Billions for water resources project

[2010-12-25 10:57]

China will intensify its construction of water conservation facilities with priorities given to improving irrigation infrastructure for grain security and projects against drought and floods, officials said.

Rules may steer auto sector out

[2010-12-24 14:20]

The capital's new vehicle and traffic regulations will likely steer automakers toward smaller cities, experts have said.

Beijing unveils measures to ease traffic flow

[2010-12-24 14:19]

Traffic measures were announced for Beijing on Thursday, including sharply limiting new vehicle registration, in a major effort to tackle gridlock on the capital's roads.

Booming nuclear power industry boosts domestic firms

[2010-12-24 10:04]

Hydropresses, cranes, planers, drills and lathes hum in the workshops of China First Heavy Industries in northeast China. Outside, snow piles up and leafless trees shiver in the cold.

Clean-energy complaint is rejected

[2010-12-24 09:38]

China's measures to develop wind energy will help to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment and are in line with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday in response to a US complaint against China's subsidy for the wind-power sector.

No 1 document may focus on water infrastructure

[2010-12-23 15:04]

Boosting water infrastructure construction in rural areas may be listed in China's first central document of 2011, the China Business News reported Thursday, citing Lu Xueyi, a scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Anticipated limit on license plates fuels car-buying frenzy

[2010-12-23 11:40]

Beijing is expected to release a package of detailed rules on Thursday to ease its growing traffic gridlock, including axing new car license plates from next year.
Beijing to limit new car plates to 240,000 annually

Goldwind to make mark in US with wind farm energy supply deal

[2010-12-22 09:41]

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co will sell power to Commonwealth Edison Co from its Illinois project, the first large US wind farm using Chinese-made turbines.

Beijingers suggest ways to un-jam city

[2010-12-21 14:26]

With the public feedback period for the recently released draft plan to deal with the capital's congestion ending on Sunday, Beijingers are offering up their suggestions for how the city can put the brakes on its traffic problem.

Environmental protection to be highlighted

[2010-12-20 11:14]

Environmental emergency management remains a great challenge in China, where there have been an increasing number of incidents regarding accidents at work and in traffic, as well as the occurrence of natural disasters and serious heavy metal pollution, a senior environmental official said.

JA Solar to expand capacity in 2011: CEO

[2010-12-20 09:39]

JA Solar Holdings Co, a Chinese maker of solar cells and modules, plans to expand solar-cell production capacity by at least 30 percent next year, Bloomberg News reported Saturday, citing the company's chief executive officer Fang Peng.

China Sunergy in 120 mW deal with Ecoware

[2010-12-18 15:54]

Solar cell maker China Sunergy Co Ltd said it will supply 120 megawatts of photovoltaic modules to Italy's Ecoware between the current quarter and the third quarter of next year.

Datang comes up short at IPO

[2010-12-18 10:03]

China Datang Corp Renewable Power Co, the nation's second-biggest wind-power producer by capacity, fell on its debut in Hong Kong after a domestic rival canceled its initial public offering citing volatility.

Datang Renewable debuts 1% below IPO price

[2010-12-17 14:45]

China Datang Corporation Renewable Power officially listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Friday, with share price opening at HK$2.3 (30 cents), down 1.29 percent from its IPO price.

Desert sunshine helps solar energy industry

[2010-12-17 11:32]

Thanks to the ample sunshine and vastness of the desert, Ningxia has introduced PV equipment and built solar power stations to develop a whole PV industry chain.

Shanghai to increase subsidy for sea burials

[2010-12-17 08:29]

This municipality on China's eastern coast will increase subsidies for sea burials by fivefold to preserve limited land resources.

2 flour additives may be banned

[2010-12-17 08:24]

A draft published on the Ministry of Health's website on Wednesday would ban benzoyl peroxide and calcium peroxide, because abuse of the two chemical whitening agents has recently triggered growing public concern.

Lhasa upgrades public transport with new buses

[2010-12-16 15:03]

Tibet's capital, Lhasa, is replacing old minibuses with new coaches to cut exhaust emissions and provide more efficient public transport, a city transport official said Thursday.