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Eco-science centers to bind ties

[2013-12-17 00:02]

China is expanding its eco-environment technology presence in Central Asia with two research centers to be established in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region next year.

EU assesses UK-China nuclear plant deal

[2013-12-16 17:26]

The European Commission is assessing possible UK incentives for a nuclear power plant deal that attracted Chinese investment, said an EU official.

China's chance to set a green global example

[2013-12-16 07:45]

China conspicuously stepped up its green rhetoric in the latter half of 2013, though air pollution in Beijinghad reached "very unhealthy" levels.

Natural gas use to soar amid growing green drive

[2013-12-12 14:22]

China has huge potential for natural gas usage in the transportation sector as increasing numbers of clean energy vehicles take to the road.

Pilots must qualify to land in haze

[2013-12-12 01:53]

Many pilots flying scheduled airliners in China must become qualified to land in poor visibility if they want to fly to Beijing next year.

Livestock raise environmental concern

[2013-12-11 14:02]

China's livestock industry, vital to the nation's food security, has become a growing pollution and public health headache in some rural areas.

Building impact reports will be released

[2013-12-10 23:27]

Complete reports on the environmental impact of construction projects will be disclosed from Jan 1, the Environmental Protection Ministry said.

8 Liaoning cities fined for excessive smog

[2013-12-10 19:18]

Liaoning Department of Environmental Protection fined eight of 14 cities in Liaoning province 54.2 million yuan ($8.93 million) for bad air quality in the first 10 months of this year.

Catastrophe bonds touted in climate change fight

[2013-12-10 17:42]

The issuing of catastrophe bonds is being encouraged by the National Development and Reform Commission to leverage financial resources in response to climate change.

China environmentalists slam inaction over smog

[2013-12-10 11:15]

The smog that blanketed over 100 cities in half of China last week has rekindled criticism of insufficient efforts.

Ripple effects of air pollution felt in many sectors

[2013-12-10 00:05]

Heavy air pollution is taking its toll on Shanghai's department stores and shopping malls as people reduce their outdoor activities.

Study shows air pollution more deadly than thought

[2013-12-09 21:59]

The effect of long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with increased mortality even when the pollution is below European Union limits, research conducted under the lead of the Utrecht University showed on Monday.

Cities hit hard by smog

[2013-12-09 08:29]

Major urban areas face reduced visibility, increased accidents over the weekend, Wu Wencong reports in Tianjin and Beijing.

Shanghai lifts pollution alert: fog replaces smog

[2013-12-08 15:33]

Shanghai lifted its air pollution alert on Sunday as heavy smog that had lasted for days began to disperse away.

Local government seeks eco-compensation from oil producer

[2013-12-08 12:44]

A long-running spat between Changqing oil field and Yulin government in northwest China's Shaanxi Province has moved a step closer to being resolved after 21 of the oil and gas producer's 22 bank accounts were unfrozen.

China must find unique way to build ecological civilization

[2013-12-07 19:49]

China must find a way different from the industrialization in the West to build ecological civilization and realize sustainable development, which concerns the future of both the nation and the world.

Nations to jointly tap nuclear markets

[2013-12-07 09:15]

China and France will jointly explore the international nuclear power market, while pushing ahead with existing nuclear projects.

US, China must co-op to build clean energy economy: EPA

[2013-12-06 11:19]

The United States and China must cooperate to "build a clean energy economy," the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said.

End to China's solar edge in EU as tariff kicks in

[2013-12-06 10:25]

Chinese solar companies have learned a lesson the hard way, as the sector is in the midst of mergers and restructuring to readjust to a changing market landscape.