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Chinese Premier urges innovation in PV sector

[2013-06-10 17:13]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged Chinese photovoltaic (PV) companies to be stronger in adversity by strengthening innovation and tapping both overseas and domestic markets.

Trina Solar sounds alarm over EU's punitive duties on Chinese solar panels

[2013-06-08 17:29]

A leading Chinese solar panel manufacturer, Trina Solar, sounded alarm over the devastating effect of the European Union's decision to impose punitive duties against Chinese solar products.

China to become global energy lab

[2013-06-08 09:42]

China will become the world's energy laboratory for decades to come, as the country continues to create a greener economy, experts said.

China builds groundwater monitoring network

[2013-06-07 17:09]

China has set up a preliminary groundwater monitoring network as part of the country's effort to preserve its groundwater resources, said an official on Friday.

US mulling solar trade agreement with EU, China

[2013-06-07 10:42]

The United States, China and the European Union have had initial discussions on a possible "global" agreement to resolve solar energy disputes.

China cuts retail fuel prices

[2013-06-07 09:58]

China lowered the per-ton retail prices of gasoline and diesel by 95 yuan ($15.32) and 90 yuan, respectively, starting from Friday.

European firms oppose EU tariffs on Chinese solar panels

[2013-06-05 11:12]

The EU decision to impose duties on Chinese solar panel products has been taken despite warnings from many European solar companies and organizations.

Chinese solar companies oppose EU tariff

[2013-06-05 11:07]

Responding to the EU's imposition of an anti-dumping tariff, Chinese solar companies have expressed their anger and opposition to the decision.

Solar duties risk China-EU trade ties

[2013-06-05 10:19]

EU's decision to impose punitive import duties on Chinese solar panels risks going out of the boundaries of the normal trade ties.

EU imposes heavy duties on Chinese solar products

[2013-06-05 02:49]

The European Commission decided to levy temporary punitive tariffs against China's multi-billion-dollar solar exports on Tuesday, in spite of strong oppositions.

Chinese program shares wind energy technology

[2013-06-05 00:36]

A program designed to share Chinese wind energy technology with developing countries kicked off Tuesday in northwest China's Gansu province.

China's operational nuclear reactors safe

[2013-06-04 20:07]

China's 15 operational nuclear power reactors are in a safe status, says a government report issued on Tuesday.China keeps nuclear power at lowest level

China reports drops in emissions of major pollutants

[2013-06-04 17:46]

China reported drops in emissions of major pollutants last year, according to a government report issued Tuesday.

Air purifier sales offer hope for retailers

[2013-06-04 10:20]

Due to the soaring demand for cleaner air, air purifiers will become the new growth driver for the country's sluggish home appliance industry.

China's plastic bag ban saves 6m tons of oil

[2013-06-01 10:58]

A plastic bag ban launched five years ago has cut consumption by at least 67 billion bags, saving an equivalent of 6 million tons of oil.

China, US step up climate change cooperation

[2013-06-01 01:15]

Senior officials from China and the US, the world's two largest economies and greenhouse gases emitters, agreed to intensify cooperation on climate change.

Plastic ban fails with ultra-thin bags

[2013-05-31 02:27]

The use of ultra-thin plastic bags is still widespread five years after the introduction of a national ban aimed to reduce pollution and save energy.

China not pressuring EU members on solar panels

[2013-05-30 14:10]

"Some EU member states' choices were based on their own rational judgments," said a spokeswoman from the Chinese mission.

WWF opposes EU duties on Chinese solar panels

[2013-05-30 03:04]

A senior official with the WWF said that the punitive tariffs the EU plans to impose on Chinese solar panels are "insensitive, counter-jobs and counter green energy".

China solar panel duties to delay EU grid parity

[2013-05-29 10:46]

As the European Union's solar panel dispute against China continues, insiders warn punitive duties would derail Europe's path towards grid parity.