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Chinese industry group strongly opposes EU's solar anti-dumping probe

[2012-09-07 11:05]

A chamber of commerce announced on Thursday that it strongly opposed to an anti-dumping probe made by the European Union towards solar imports from China.

Beijing 'regrets' EU solar decision

[2012-09-07 02:09]

Beijing "deeply regrets" the decision by the European Commission to launch an investigation into the alleged dumping of solar panel products.Experts say EU's solar decision is 'destructive'

China opposes EU's solar anti-dumping probe

[2012-09-06 23:43]

A chamber of commerce announced on Thursday that it strongly opposed to an anti-dumping probe made by the European Union (EU) towards solar imports from China.

China disappointed by EU solar probe

[2012-09-06 17:27]

China expressed "deep regret" over the European Commission's decision to launch an anti-dumping probe on Chinese solar panel products exported to the European market.

EU probe may spark wider dispute

[2012-09-05 03:00]

China is considering taking retaliatory measures against a likely investigation by the European Commission into Chinese photovoltaic companies.

Chinese PV firms face uncertainties

[2012-09-04 09:55]

The European Commission will soon decide whether to start an investigation into Chinese photovoltaic companies after some European solar enterprises filed an anti-dumping complaint.

Chinese solar industry hits at protectionism

[2012-08-31 11:19]

Members of the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance have called for a "correction" to protectionist measures that harm global solar companies.

Solar firms hope Merkel visit can ease tension

[2012-08-28 01:52]

China's solar industry hopes that German Chancellor Merkel's visit to Beijing will help resolve disputes which may severely harm bilateral trade ties.

Free license plates for green vehicles

[2012-08-25 09:13]

Shanghai authorities are considering giving free license plates to owners of energy-saving vehicles, in an effort to encourage the use of electric models.

China-EU talks needed over solar trade

[2012-08-23 02:24]

China New Energy Chamber of Commerce said on Wednesday as it called for dialogue to settle the anti-dumping investigation dispute.

'Green' construction of Tibetan road

[2012-08-16 14:43]

China has vowed to protect the environment while it builds a 634-km road crossing in the most vulnerable parts of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

ADB urges China to impose 'green' tax

[2012-08-16 11:18]

The Asian Development Bank urges China to implement a green taxation system to reduce pollution and promote sustainable economic growth.

China's on-grid wind power capacity grows

[2012-08-16 10:26]

China's wind power sector has witnessed substantial growth, with on-grid wind power capacity reaching over 50 gigawatts to date.

Tibetan herders lead environment effort

[2012-08-16 07:40]

Herders of the Tibetan ethnic group are leading the charge in protecting grasslands and biodiversity in their communities, thanks to support from the government and environmental groups.

Solar industry urges efforts to counter EU proble

[2012-08-14 20:01]

China's major solar panel manufacturers have called for united efforts by government, industry and enterprises to cope with European Union (EU)'s anti-dumping investigations.

Photovoltaic industry powering ahead

[2012-08-13 09:27]

After the US initiated an investigation against China's solar panels industry, Europe is likely to start another round of a trade war.

Domestic solar sector in trouble: report

[2012-08-09 09:09]

China's solar industry is close to the edge of bankruptcy, investment bank Maxim Group said in a recent report.

Limits revised to promote green autos

[2012-08-07 14:27]

Last week, the Guangzhou city government added new measures encouraging eco-friendly vehicles to regulations released a month ago that limit the number of auto license plates granted each year.

Solar anti-dumping complaint unfair

[2012-08-03 10:36]

The anti-dumping complaint against Chinese solar panel makers filed by European companies is to maintain their dominance in the European market.

Industry group denies solar dumping in EU

[2012-08-03 10:17]

A Chinese chamber of commerce denied accusations that the solar industry has used subsidies and dumping at lower-than-cost prices in Europe.