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Tibet to launch huge afforestation project

[2013-09-02 09:46]

China's Tibet autonomous region is planning to invest 30 billion yuan (about $4.8 billion) in an afforestation project to cover six major rivers in the region.

China to raise fuel prices

[2013-08-30 18:45]

China's top economic planner said retail prices of gasoline and diesel will be raised by 235 yuan and 225 yuan per tonne, respectively, starting Saturday.

China's legislators support renewable energy

[2013-08-27 09:56]

China's legislators on Monday called for greater support for the development of renewable energy industry which is facing obstacles.

China builds massive-capacity nuclear generator

[2013-08-24 23:27]

Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co Ltd has completed construction of a 1,750 mW nuclear generator and started transporting it to a nuclear power plant in South China.

Public opposition defuses nuclear plans

[2013-08-23 08:09]

Following opposition by a majority of residents, a nuclear project in Guangdong had been canceled and it will not reapply for approval to start construction later.

Wildlife preservation plan struck with Kenya

[2013-08-22 07:37]

China has lent "extremely important" support to Kenya to help wildlife protection, said the African country's foreign minister.

China's coal output, sales decline

[2013-08-20 09:02]

China's coal output and sales both declined in the first seven months of 2013, statistics from the China National Coal Association showed on Monday.

Beijing's energy-saving output to reach $82b

[2013-08-16 13:39]

Total output value of Beijing's energy-saving and environmental industry will reach 500 billion yuan in 2015.

China unveils plan to treat water, soil losses

[2013-08-16 10:02]

The Ministry of Water Resources announced on Thursday a plan to treat water and soil loss problems over the next five years.

Fish ecosystem on Yangtze 'on verge of collapse'

[2013-08-16 01:42]

Human activity along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River has pushed its aquatic ecosystem to the verge of collapse, a report warns.Three Gorges Dam water flow increase helps spawning

Five-year plan to treat water, soil losses

[2013-08-16 01:22]

The Ministry of Water Resources announced on Thursday a plan to treat water and soil loss problems over the next five years.

Opportunities abound in clean technology

[2013-08-14 07:53]

China's investment in renewable energy will bring vast opportunities and challenges for the country's overall development.

China announces 9 pilot 'smart cities'

[2013-08-13 17:35]

As China accelerates the pace of its urbanization, the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation unveiled its Smart City program on Tuesday with the first nine selected pilot cities.

Food waste regulation faces skeptical response

[2013-08-10 08:33]

People are skeptical of rules to punish restaurants for wasting food as Zhuhai and Beijing released regulations this week.

Trade disputes hit solar export prices

[2013-08-10 00:52]

The value of China's solar exports fell by almost one-third in the first half of 2013 as trade disputes took a toll on prices.

Environmental data should be specific

[2013-08-08 07:59]

More details of the clauses on environmental information are needed after the Beijing government made public a draft regulation.

Settlement of China-EU solar row speaks volumes

[2013-08-06 13:21]

The efficient settlement of the China-EU solar row should be credited first and foremost to the active consultations and negotiations between the two sides.

EU solar deal hailed as blueprint

[2013-08-05 01:22]

The settlement of EU-China solar panel dispute should be credited to the Chinese government's "efficient communication" with the EU.
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Riding the clean energy boom today

[2013-08-04 23:59]

Industrial gas producer Air Liquide Group has launched the second phase of its investment program, called Tengfei II, in China this year.

Pipeline to boost natural gas supply

[2013-08-02 07:26]

China's imported liquefied natural gas and domestically produced resources in the South China Sea will increasingly be supplied to the energy-hungry Pearl River Delta area.