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35 Beijing restaurants fined for kitchen emissions

[2013-11-05 19:37]

Thirty-five restaurants in Beijing have been fined in the latest campaign against kitchen emissions.

Shanghai proposes heavy penalties on polluters

[2013-11-05 19:37]

Shanghai's legislature has proposed imposing heavy penalties on companies and their owners if they are held responsible for emitting black smoke or other pollutants without permission, Shanghai's Labor Daily reported on Nov 5.

Tsinghua, Cambridge, MIT launch research center

[2013-11-05 15:33]

A transportation research center was jointly launched by China's Tsinghua University, Britain's University of Cambridge and the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Tuesday in Beijing.

Mining wasteland faces green challenge

[2013-11-05 08:56]

Ecosystem restoration is no easy task, reports Wang Kaihao in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

Low-carbon development the way to go: report

[2013-11-05 08:56]

China should manage its massive urbanization plan in a low-carbon way to alleviate growing pressures on the environment and resources, a report said.

Global program to reduce litter launched in Beijing

[2013-11-01 08:50]

The "Litter Less" campaign, which aims at reducing litter and effecting long-term behavior change among global youth, was launched in the High School Affiliated to University of Science and Technology in Beijing on Oct 30.

Cleaner Beijing, moaning neighbors

[2013-11-01 08:50]

Coal is once again under the spotlight as winter's chill approaches.

Capital vows cleaner energy mix for winter

[2013-10-31 07:08]

A Beijing environmental protection official vowed on Wednesday that the city will have an effective energy mix for the coming winter heating season.

Provinces to monitor PM2.5 density

[2013-10-30 08:39]

Sixteen provinces or municipalities have been asked by the National Health and Family Planning Commission to monitor and report the density of PM2.5 and its impact on people's health.

Developing economies seek climate change aid

[2013-10-30 08:39]

Senior officials on climate change from BASIC countries, called on developed economies to offer support to developing countries.

Burning issue in GDP targets

[2013-10-29 07:26]

When it comes to saving energy, another factor in economic growth, the Chinese government has cause for concern.

China to monitor smog's impact on health

[2013-10-28 21:46]

China's health watchdog has vowed to set up a national network to monitor the impact of air pollution on human health within the coming three to five years.

Beijing's new energy structure to use 8% coal

[2013-10-26 15:50]

As winter approaches, China's capital is now rolling out new energy alternatives, to cut its reliance on coal by 13 million tons by 2017.

China vows better wetland preservation

[2013-10-25 15:35]

China will continue to strictly protect its wetland resources and aim to increase the wetland area to 53.3 million hectares by 2020.

China punishes officials for not punishing polluters

[2013-10-25 15:25]

China on Thursday revealed 10 major cases of environmental damage in which local officials were punished for failing to prevent or act after severe pollution.

'Road to Heaven' besieged by garbage: survey

[2013-10-25 14:48]

Huge amounts of garbage line the Qinghai-Tibet Highway on the namesake plateau in west China, posing severe threats to local ecology.

Illegally imported foreign garbage sent packing

[2013-10-24 19:51]

A total of 4,468 metric tons of illegally imported foreign garbage has been shipped out of China from ports in Qingdao in the past eight months.

Regions failing pollution test face punishment

[2013-10-23 21:11]

Regions that fail the 2012 water pollution control examination will have their project approvals suspended for one year, according to a notification released by the Environmental Protection Ministry on Wednesday.

Smog wraps northeast, schools forced to close

[2013-10-22 09:08]

Choking smog shrouded Northeast China on Monday, forcing schools to suspend classes and disrupting flights and road traffic.

Nation's natural gas industry set for strong growth

[2013-10-22 07:24]

China's natural gas industry will continue to grow at a high speed through 2025 with clean energy-driven power generation showing increasing importance.