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Beijing sees heavy pollution in June

[2013-07-31 14:35]

The air in Beijing, as well as its surrounding areas, was heavily polluted in June, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said.

World Bank to fund Hunan's forest restoration

[2013-07-30 13:46]

The World Bank (WB) will provide a 500-million-yuan ($81 million) loan to central China's Hunan province to restore artificial forests.

Carbon market helps cut emissions

[2013-07-29 08:39]

Substantial step has been taken in China to clean up environment and save energy.

Fuel powers economic surge

[2013-07-24 07:20]

The socioeconomic progress of China is the most important societal achievement of our time - and coal is the cornerstone of that growth.

Modern farming methods cause ecological damage

[2013-07-23 15:36]

Some modern farming techniques once thought successful in boosting production instead have caused ecological damage too expensive to repair.

Guizhou aims to become 'Switzerland in the East'

[2013-07-22 15:37]

Well-preserved ecological environment has emboldened officials in Guizhou to build their hometown into a "Switzerland in the East".

China resorts to judicial protection in green push

[2013-07-22 14:56]

By putting an eco-court, an eco-procuratorial bureau and an eco-public security branch into operation, Guiyang is leading China in building a justice system.

Banks boost green credit for green growth

[2013-07-22 11:27]

GUIYANG - Major Chinese banks have vowed to offer strong credit support for the development of green economy amid China's drive to promote ecological progress.

China commits to environmental protection

[2013-07-22 11:01]

China will commit to its international obligations and work with countries around the world to make a better Earth, President Xi Jinping said.

Chinese cities promote eco-friendly urbanization

[2013-07-20 07:46]

City mayors across China are struggling to find answers for one problem -- how to balance environmental protection and urbanization.

China pushes environment forward

[2013-07-20 01:06]

Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli on Friday met four foreign leaders who will attend the opening ceremony of the Eco-Forum Global Annual Conference in Guiyang.

Closer collaboration for greener growth

[2013-07-17 09:16]

The emphasis put on environmental issues by China's new leadership creates a very good basis for closer cooperation between the EU and China on environmental issues.

China raises 2015 solar power capacity target

[2013-07-16 09:21]

China plans to raise its 2015 target for solar power capacity to boost domestic solar companies as they suffer from frequent trade disputes.

China, US sign 6 new EcoPartnership pacts

[2013-07-12 03:58]

China and the US on Thursday expanded their EcoPartnership program with the signing of six new partnerships to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and improve energy efficiency as well as create jobs.
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Sun setting on polysilicon sector

[2013-07-10 07:17]

China's polysilicon industry is hanging on by a thread, with its survival threatened by cheap imports and sluggish demand.

China's gas price hike 'positive' for companies

[2013-07-09 11:19]

A natural gas price increase kicking off in China on Wednesday will significantly boost the profitability of Chinese gas companies, Moody's said.

Nuclear power pricing system launched

[2013-07-09 06:13]

China has announced a new nuclear power pricing system that features a national benchmark price, which will make the industry more market-oriented.

Climate change to be discussed in high-level exchange

[2013-07-09 06:13]

Climate change will for the first time be included in a range of focal topics during the two-day China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which starts on Wednesday in Washington.

Testing fresh ground for clean tech development

[2013-07-08 00:51]

R&D work relating to the development of eco-cities, smart cities and clean energy by foreign companies is booming in China.

China cuts retail fuel prices

[2013-07-06 10:36]

China will cut the retail price of gasoline by 80 yuan ($12.9) per tonne and that of diesel by 75 yuan per tonne from Saturday, the country's top economic planner said.