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Solar power set to shine more on national grid

[2013-12-05 16:58]

China's on-grid solar power capacity will rise 200 percent year-on-year to 10 gW by the end of this year, the National Energy Administration said.

China beefs up crackdown on environment-related crimes

[2013-12-03 21:31]

China's ministries of public security and environmental protection have vowed closer cooperation in dealing with environment-related crimes and punishing wrongdoers.

China's best-known eco-city now has 6,000 residents

[2013-12-03 14:42]

Tianjin Eco-City, the best known eco-city project in China, now has about 6,000 residents five years after its construction.

China to promote circular economy

[2013-12-02 11:12]

China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) was set up Saturday to promote the growth of circular economy.

China building carbon market to curb emissions

[2013-11-29 10:03]

China is predicted to become the world's second-largest carbon emission trading market, covering 700 million tons of carbon emissions.

Beijing launches carbon emissions trading

[2013-11-28 18:12]

Beijing launched carbon emissions trading on Thursday, making it China's third market for compulsory carbon trading.

Clean energy fueling the future

[2013-11-28 10:23]

Natural gas and renewable energy are poised for boom times in China, and they'll be key factors in the development of the nation's economy.

Hebei to limit air pollutants, shut down obsolete plants

[2013-11-28 01:30]

Hebei province will set limits on the amount of allowed industrial air pollution and spend 291 million yuan ($47.7 million) to build a real-time digital monitoring system in the coming year.

China's Guangdong carbon market to start in Dec

[2013-11-27 14:09]

Guangdong is to launch a carbon permits market next month that will be the world's second biggest after the European Union.

N China govt denies air pollution fees

[2013-11-26 22:06]

The Anguo government in Hebei province denied on Tuesday that every resident has been charged an extra 100 yuan ($16) to help control air pollution.

First Shanghai carbon permits trade at 27 yuan

[2013-11-26 14:31]

The first carbon permits in Shanghai traded at 27 yuan on Tuesday, as the city launched China's second such trading platform to cut emissions.

China's wood-based panels help tackle climate change

[2013-11-26 10:17]

China's wood-based panel industry is helping protect forests and woods, which will eventually lead to reduced carbon dioxide emission worldwide, experts say.

Beijing to monitor health effects of smog

[2013-11-25 19:12]

Beijing will start monitor ing the effect of smog on residents' health this week, said the city's health bureau in its Sina micro blog account on Monday.

Green Great Wall to combat sandstorms

[2013-11-25 10:55]

Beijing has been long plagued by sandstorms that hit the city every spring, prompting many to wear face masks amid the red and brown gloom.

China urges developed nations to fulfill funding commitments for climate change

[2013-11-21 07:33]

Head of the Chinese delegation to the UN climate change conference Wednesday urged developed nations to fulfill funding for fighting climate change.

Fresh mindset from China at UN climate talks changing the game

[2013-11-20 01:27]

At the National Stadium of Poland in Warsaw, more than 190 countries have been showcasing their plans to protect our polluted and warming planet.

Nation to get major bio-refinery project

[2013-11-19 07:49]

The world's largest production facility to make cellulosic bioethanol will be built in China next year, the company in charge of the project has said.

Polluters still flouting law: inspection

[2013-11-19 00:34]

Enterprises in suburban Beijing and nearby areas are still illegally discharging airborne pollutants on a large scale, an investigation has found.

Environmental watchdogs identify illegal behavior

[2013-11-18 20:03]

Excessive emission of pollutants from factories, dust pollution and straw burning may have caused smoggy days in October in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

Inspection uncovers air pollution problems

[2013-11-18 20:01]

Official inspections in key air pollution areas have revealed various problems including excessive industrial emissions, inadequate waste processing and severe pollution on the land.