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Embraco reinvesting to meet demand

[2013-07-02 06:18]

Embraco, the world's leading high-efficiency refrigeration compressor maker, said it will invest more in greener products in China.

China's Yichun grows a model green city

[2013-06-28 14:35]

In a city in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province one city has been developing new green pillar industries to halt over-exploiting forests.

Purifier makers see thirst for cleaner water in China

[2013-06-27 05:49]

Domestic and foreign water purifier suppliers are expanding in China, where households are feeling the pain of clean water shortages.

'Heavy losses' if China-EU solar talks fail

[2013-06-26 07:40]

A failure by China and the European Union to reach a compromise in August over the solar panel dispute will deal a heavy blow to the global new-energy industry, a former Chinese trade official said on Tuesday.

Oil deals strengthen China's energy supplies

[2013-06-25 07:41]

China and Russia have strengthened their energy ties by deepening a series of cooperation projects involving oil supply, refining and liquefied natural gas exploration.

Carmakers under spotlight on falsely-claimed subsidies

[2013-06-24 17:49]

Shanghai Volkswagen, a Sino-German joint venture, has been brought under the spotlight as China's watchdog issued a notice Thursday saying the company has sought about 16.7 million yuan by falsely claiming the number of vehicles that do not comply with the country's fuel-efficient standards for State-level subsidies.

A growing rift on solar panels

[2013-06-24 10:17]

As more trade barriers emerge from the EU and the United States, Chinese solar makers have turned to emerging markets and demand at home.

PV companies strive to survive China-EU dispute

[2013-06-24 10:02]

China's solar panel producers are trying to further develop the domestic market amid an ongoing trade dispute with the EU.

China, EU 'goodwill' voiced in solar row

[2013-06-22 01:33]

China and the European Union have expressed "goodwill" for negotiating a settlement of their dispute over China's solar panel exports.

China steps up search for gas

[2013-06-21 07:31]

Global natural gas production is developing faster than exploration and China is working on gaining more of this clean energy source to ensure domestic supply.

China targets polluters with judicial action

[2013-06-19 10:11]

China's supreme court and procuratorate jointly issued a new judicial explanation Tuesday that imposes harsher punishments on polluters.

China starts carbon trading in Shenzhen

[2013-06-19 01:28]

South China's Shenzhen city has launched a carbon trading scheme. A total of 21,112-ton carbon quotas were traded at prices ranging from 28 to 32 yuan per ton.

Oil-rich UAE aspires to sustainable future

[2013-06-18 07:26]

For Nawal Al-Hosany, there are a lot of similarities between climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and overcoming the obstacles faced by the alternative energy industry.

Bayer's new methods bring farmers bumper crop

[2013-06-18 07:26]

The environmentally friendly and effective fertilizers played a key role in improving the production, which could largely reduce pesticide use and labor costs.

China's PV sector may see reshuffle: experts

[2013-06-17 18:48]

Experts said China's photovoltaic sector may experience a new round of reshuffling amid fresh trade tensions with the European Union.

China shows resolve, action against air pollution

[2013-06-15 17:14]

The State Council adopted a set of concrete measures to counter air pollution on Friday, demonstrating not only resolve but also action to cope with environmental issues.

HK holds promotion seminar on green business in Osaka

[2013-06-13 09:57]

An investment promotion seminar on sustainable business in the Pearl River Delta economic zone, was held on Wednesday afternoon in the western Japanese city of Osaka.

Striving for a greener Earth

[2013-06-13 07:35]

"I had been keeping an eye on the global trend toward new-energy power generation because my university major was related to that."

China conducts soil pollution survey

[2013-06-13 06:13]

The government plans to conduct a nationwide soil pollution survey, the Ministry of Land and Resources said Wednesday.

Chinese solar panel makers tap into Africa

[2013-06-12 20:03]

Chinese solar panel makers may bulk up in Afria after China finishes building one of the biggest solar power stations on the continent.