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Solar PV firms say dumping petition harmful

[2011-11-02 07:55]

A petition by US solar energy companies that alleges dumping by their Chinese competitors will harm both the US and Chinese photovoltaic (PV) solar cell industries.

Low carbon mission helps build bridges

[2011-11-01 10:47]

Constantin Holzer, a young PhD candidate with Renmin University of China, never fails to amaze his Chinese students with his proficiency in six languages, especially Chinese.

China to cap non-renewable energy use

[2011-10-24 09:25]

China will strictly control the consumption of non-renewable energy in the next five years by setting mandatory ceilings for local governments, a senior energy official said Sunday.

China nuclear targets to be cut

[2011-10-22 10:22]

China's nuclear capacity targets for 2020 are likely to be scaled down after the country imposed a moratorium on new-project approvals.

Complaint over Chinese solar firms

[2011-10-22 10:02]

A trade complaint filed against China by a group of US solar firms drew skeptical reviews from inside the industry.

Biodiesel made of 'gutter oil'

[2011-10-12 15:25]

The photo taken on Aug 23 shows a high tech company in Jiaxin, Zhejiang province, making biodiesel from "gutter oil", illegally reprocessed cooking oil from restaurants.

City govt fails to clean up pollution

[2011-10-11 11:37]

More than 200 villagers in Central China's Henan province do not have clean water to drink because their water sources were polluted by chromium residue.

Plan to tighten air quality standards

[2011-10-04 07:27]

The environmental authorities are proposing to strengthen air quality standards, which could lessen the number of official blue-sky days.

Nuclear to remain in energy mix

[2011-09-23 09:59]

Nuclear power will remain a component of China's energy mix to help the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Low-carbon growth 'needs incentives'

[2011-09-16 07:46]

Government incentives are important to pave a low-carbon growth, and the corporate sector should be the main player through tech improvement.

China a 'world leader' in energy saving

[2011-09-09 07:48]

China has become a world leader in saving energy and reducing emissions, said Sha Zukang, undersecretary-general of the UN.

Pilot cities to test vehicle power pricing

[2011-09-06 09:03]

A new electricity pricing system for electric vehicles is likely to be established in pilot cities.

Absolute CO2 cap needed for carbon market plans

[2011-09-02 08:50]

China needs to set absolute restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions if it is to fulfil its aim to set up a carbon market.

New system to cut Beijing's energy use

[2011-09-02 08:18]

Half of the existing residential buildings in Beijing will adopt a metered charging method for heating by 2015.

Nuclear industry's growth to slow

[2011-08-31 08:57]

The expansion of China's nuclear power industry will slow from the rapid rate of the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010).

Solar powered optical sculptures park opens

[2011-08-30 15:20]

The Solar Powered Optical Sculptures Park opened in China Solar Valley in Shandong province's Dezhou city.

Renewable power consumption goal by '15

[2011-08-30 13:38]

China's commercialized renewable energy consumption will provide for more than 9.5 percent of the total consumption during the period of 12th Five-year Plan (2010-15) period.

Biogas fuels rural China's new energy drive

[2011-08-30 11:09]

In barren and remote northwestern towns, no energy sources could be more efficient or economical in meeting residents' daily cooking and heating needs than biogas and solar power.

China eyes 3 gW rooftop solar capacity

[2011-08-29 11:44]

China is targeting 3 gigawatts (gW) of roof-mounted solar power generating capacity by 2015 and 25 gW by 2020.

Wind power lost 140m yuan in July: CEC

[2011-08-25 17:48]

China's five biggest power generators lost a total of 140 million yuan ($21.64 million) in their wind power businesses in July, according to statistics from The China Electricity Council (CEC).