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Paris 2015: Climate and the Business Imperative

[2014-02-25 17:39]

Climate change is not just a grave risk to business continuity, but an equally prodigious opportunity to lead the development of a new, low carbon economy.

Expat view: Dealing with pollution at home

[2014-02-25 16:24]

A handful of expats share their experiences with combating the smog in their home country, lessons that China can draw from.

Beijing targets industrial pollution amid lingering smog

[2014-02-25 13:46]

With smog lingering over Beijing for a week, 147 industrial companies have cut or suspended production as of Tuesday as part of the city's measures to reduce pollution emissions.

Climate change: Appeal to sustainable tourism

[2014-02-25 10:36]

Six countries from different regions of the globe have been united in a joint effort to fight global challenges such as climate change, water and sustainable development.

Private cars remain popular in Beijing despite heavy smog

[2014-02-25 01:02]

Despite the appeal of public transportation in the Chinese capital, private vehicles remain many residents' first choice for getting around.

Smog to loom large over two sessions

[2014-02-25 00:48]

Environmental issues, especially the nation's problems with smog, will be a major focus at the upcoming plenary sessions of NPC and CPPCC.

Polluted air hangs over more Chinese land

[2014-02-24 22:15]

More Chinese cities suffered from air pollution on Sunday as the capital Beijing maintained a pollution alert at the second-highest level, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Monday.

People shun outdoors amid smog

[2014-02-24 03:29]

As lingering smog blanketed China's northern and central regions for a fourth consecutive day on Sunday, its influence has been felt in people's schedules, as is evidenced by bustling museums, crowded hospital respiratory departments and less cheerful parks.

China's outbound ventures

[2014-02-24 03:29]

Chinese companies are outbound and seemingly on a mission. Despite public perceptions to the contrary, State-owned and private enterprises from the world's second-largest economy have not until now been buying up everything that moves around the world.

China fights air pollution as smog persists

[2014-02-23 16:37]

China is taking measures to control air pollution, including limiting vehicles on the road and suspending factory production.

Beijing upgrades haze alert from yellow to orange

[2014-02-23 01:37]

Thick smog shrouding Beijing and its surrounding areas becomes heavier as the capital has raised its four-tiered alert system to "orange".

China uses economic tools against smog

[2014-02-22 17:33]

After days of lingering smog, the Beijing municipal government has for the first time issued an orange alert for heavy air pollution, initiating an emergency response.

Ministry reports air polluting companies

[2014-02-21 17:23]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection on Friday blacklisted companies in the coastal city of Tianjin for breaking the air pollution rules.

Beijing raises pollution alert as smog lingers

[2014-02-21 15:31]

Beijing cranked up its pollution alert a notch higher to orange on Friday as heavy smog is expected to linger over the Chinese capital for at least another three days.

Beijing issues alert as smog smothers N China

[2014-02-21 08:51]

Beijing, its neighbors Tianjin and Hebei province, as well as central and western Shandong province can expect heavy air pollution to linger for a week.

Factory owners lead moves to clean waterways

[2014-02-21 01:23]

A group of swimmers, braving chilly conditions, jumped into the Donghe River in Rui'an, Zhejiang province, on Monday.

More than 80% in China worried about environment

[2014-02-20 22:03]

The environmental problems that Chinese people worry the most about are smog, water pollution and heavy metal pollution, a survey led by the Environmental Protection Ministry revealed。

Renewables can support China's 80% power consumption by 2050

[2014-02-20 11:15]

China can transit to an 80 percent renewable electric power system by 2050 at far less cost than continuing to reply on coal, according to a report released by World Wildlife Fund .

17 more cement plants biting the dust

[2014-02-18 08:56]

Work began in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, on Monday on the demolition of another 17 cement factories, two months after the first batch of demolitions to improve air quality.