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Beijing sees 38% slump in fireworks sales

[2014-02-05 16:56]

Fireworks sales in Beijing have slumped 37.7 percent this Spring Festival holiday season as more people shun them amid worries about worsening the city's air pollution.

Majority wants to ban fireworks, survey finds

[2014-01-29 20:54]

More than 80 percent of Shanghai residents support a year-round ban of fireworks to improve the city's air quality, a new survey found.

Environment graduates popular in job market

[2014-01-20 20:38]

Chinese college graduates in environmental engineering have seen their job prospects improve as frequent bouts of serious smog have prompted more effective steps to tackle air pollution.

Guess who benefits from smog?

[2014-01-20 08:50]

Chinese residents have been buying a variety of products to fight the prevailing high levels of pollution.

Pressure rises on treating China's pollution

[2014-01-18 03:04]

A no-nonsense approach is being adopted at legislative sessions across China as local officials are told to control pollution or lose their jobs.

Hebei closes 8,300 small high-polluting firms

[2014-01-17 10:02]

Hebei, a northern region with the worst air in China, has shut down 8,347 small high-polluting firms in the past year in an attempt to ease its notorious air pollution.

Pollution makes some ponder emigration

[2014-01-17 07:15]

Precaution is always better than cure.

Reports analyze dish-washing habits in China

[2014-01-16 19:02]

Beijing residents' daily average water consumption for washing dishes is 37.4 liters, while Shanghai residents use even more water for this chore, about 70.8 liters.

Beijing goes 'all-out' against air pollution

[2014-01-16 17:28]

Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun declared an "all-out effort" on Thursday to tackle air pollution by cutting coal use by 2.6 million tonnes and transforming 300 polluting companies this year .

China to retain lead in wind rotor blade market

[2014-01-13 13:48]

China will remain the leading global consumer of wind turbine rotor blades over the coming years.

China invests $2.6b to protect major riverheads

[2014-01-11 11:35]

China will invest 16 billion yuan ($2.6 billion) to protect Sanjiangyuan, the cradle of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang rivers in northwestern Qinghai Province.

ADB confident in China economy, eyes green development

[2014-01-10 11:22]

ADB is confident in China's economic growth and will deepen collaboration with China to achieve "ecological civilization" through green development.

China to improve medical waste disposal

[2014-01-09 10:51]

China will impose harsh punishment on those who improperly handle medical waste in a bid to reduce pollution and protect public health.

Ministry, ADB to jointly combat pollution

[2014-01-09 08:26]

The Environmental Protection Ministry and the Asian Development Bank will deepen cooperation in seven areas that include efforts to prevent pollution of the air, water and land, according to a Memorandum of Understanding signed on Wednesday.

China's most-polluted province faces enormous challenge

[2014-01-08 19:46]

Hebei faces an enormous challenge in cleaning up its dirty air as data showed that little more than one third of all days last year met quality standards.

Pollution's effect on health not clear yet, officials say

[2014-01-08 00:41]

The health effects of outdoor air pollution can only be assessed after long-term monitoring and quantitative data analysis, a spokesman for the country's top health authority said.

Up to 500,000 die annually from China smog: report

[2014-01-07 17:43]

About 350,000 to 500,000 premature deaths occur in China every year due to outdoor air pollution, according to a report by 21st Century Business Herald on Tuesday.

University unveils new air purifier technology

[2014-01-07 01:07]

Chinese researchers have developed a new technology to clean up indoor air pollution that avoids secondary pollution that existing air purification products in the market can create if used improperly.

Recycling gathers at a much faster pace

[2014-01-06 07:19]

With the process of modernization and industrial development, migrants have flooded into the Hefei Economic Technological Development Area.

HK air quality health index reaches serious level

[2014-01-03 21:17]

The general and roadside monitoring stations of Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department have recorded a higher than normal pollution level Friday and the health risk category is serious in some places.