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Beijing shuts two more coal-fired power plants

[2015-03-24 08:10]

Beijing has stepped up its efforts to switch to clean energy after it shut two of the large coal-fired power plants that supply power to the city during the weekend.

Green development index released in Beijing

[2014-12-10 17:53]

A series of reports summarizing green development achievements were released to public at China National Radio New Media Building in Beijing on Monday.

Govt, NGOs, auto sector join hands to tackle pollution

[2014-12-08 14:10]

Organizations in China have come together to help reduce the country's air pollution by effectively implementing emission control policies for trucks, buses and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Change for the better in polluted Hebei

[2014-08-25 11:01]

North China's most polluted province Hebei claims to have abandoned obsession with mere growth, and to be focused on quality, technology upgrades and clean industry.

Wetlands protection prioritized for environmental concerns

[2014-08-20 17:21]

A failed program to convert swathes of Northeast China's swampland into farms in the 1970s has proved a boon for one of the country's faltering bird species.

Science park leading the way to cleaner water

[2014-08-19 10:25]

Kunming Aquatic Science Park is aiming to provide solutions for water pollution problems in the province and the rest of the country.

Fight poverty to reduce pollution

[2014-08-18 13:15]

In the past three decades, China's development has pulled a staggering 680 million people out of poverty.

Shrinking wetlands highlight need for legal protection

[2014-08-15 13:12]

The battle for the country's wetlands rages in China as farmers eager to boost meager incomes butt heads with government initiatives to preserve biodiversity.

Large investment of coal in Shanxi cools down

[2014-08-07 15:20]

The coal sector in North China's Shanxi Province, one of the nation's leading coal producers, is losing its investment appeal as the province shifts to development of non-coal industries.

Mayor: Polluters put on notice to leave

[2014-07-31 07:16]

Beijing will push out industries that generate high levels of pollution and consume a lot of energy and water in order to make room for cleaner, high-tech sectors.

Slower economic growth results in less air pollution

[2014-07-29 06:50]

Slower economic expansion in the first half of 2014 has helped some regions in China perform better in fulfilling goals for energy saving and cutting emissions.

UK offering path toward green finance

[2014-07-11 07:00]

China could learn from the United Kingdom and establish a green investment bank to back the development of its energy conservation and environmental protection industries, economists said.

Tianjin extends carbon deadline again

[2014-07-10 14:47]

The 114 energy and industrial firms covered by the Tianjin market were supposed to hand over permits to cover for their 2013 emissions on Thursday.

Climate change new engine of China, US ties

[2014-07-09 10:40]

Clean energy, the environment and climate change will be the new engines of China-US ties.

Event to chart green path for growth

[2014-07-05 06:40]

Haze, air and water pollution and food security will come into focus at a State-level conference next week in Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Top court advocates new green tribunals

[2014-07-04 07:49]

China's top court says environment cases can be heard outside the jurisdiction, aiming to prevent local officials from using their influence on judgments.

Singapore model sets global standard

[2014-06-30 07:02]

The city-state has earned this reputation through careful government planning and investment over decades with a population keen to embrace the concept of living in a sustainable environment.

Future is green for Asian cities

[2014-06-30 07:02]

In Japan, it's not uncommon to see buildings that have been transformed into living structures with gardens and parks incorporated into their frameworks.

China leads in trade of renewable energy products

[2014-06-26 10:06]

China leads the globe in the trade of renewable energy products, a survey from the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) on Wednesday revealed.

China faces tough task in energy revolution

[2014-06-26 09:55]

As an emerging economy experiencing rapid growth, China has to strike a balance between satisfying its huge energy demand and safeguarding the environment in order to make its growth sustainable.

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