Images of Milan in Beijing

By Lin Qi ( ) Updated: 2015-09-07 13:50:23

Images of Milan in Beijing

Naviglio Martesana. [Photo provided to]

Architect-turned-photographer Roberto Goffi was born in Turin, and he has captured both the vigor and serenity of Milan in an exhibition titled, Explore Milan: 100 Shoots from the Expo City and Its Surroundings.

The 67-year-old photographer's solo show takes viewers on a time-travel tour of the metropolis, glimpsing into its tradition and culture.

Images of Milan in Beijing

Piazza della Borsa. [Photo provided to]

Goffi shares his four levels of reading of Milan: a diligent city that turns into Italy's economic engine, a creative city that hosts expositions, a historic city that embraces its rich culture, a poetic and mysterious city with many lesser-known corners to be re-discovered.

Goffi's snapshots also picture the people living in Milan: they are down to earth and low profile even though they reside in one of the world's fashion centers.

The exhibition runs at Beijing's Today Art Museum through Sept 8.


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